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Unique Veggie-Plastic Coating Applied to Giant Wood Water Flume to Protect Humans and Habitat


Reno, Nevada – June 12, 2015 – A veggie-plastic coating that has proven itself in the tough US oil and gas market, is now bringing the same protection benefits for humans and habitat in the hydro-electric power and water supply industries.

A 300-foot section of a giant 10-mile wood hydro-electric water flume on Mount Rainier has been coated with Ecodur 201 which has the unique quality of molecularly bonding to cellulosic materials.

Traditionally, many industries have relied heavily on the use of creosote as a wood preservative. This oil-based coating is carcinogenic and rainfall causes small amounts to leach into the environment, most particularly streams and groundwater.

Castagra CEO, Peter Roosen, said “Oil-based preservatives, particularly creosote, are a big no no today, and alternative modern substitutes, some with copper and arsenic compounds, are still best avoided.

“Ecodur is a plasticized coating formed from non-toxic vegetable oil and the common, naturally-occurring mineral gypsum. It chemically locks in water and because it forms a molecular bond with wood, it becomes a permanent, impenetrable coating to all but harsh mechanical penetration. With exceptional anti-UV and chemical protection performance, it is a very long term coating solution for outdoor and buried wood structures.

“Conventional epoxy coatings simply cannot compete on outdoor structures such as wood flumes as Ecodur also permanently retains a high degree of flexibility that allows it perform optimally in severe temperature fluctuations,” continued Roosen.

Additional benefits include it being NSF-61 certified for use in contact with potable water, Class A fire rating and it is entirely free of Volatile Organic Compounds, BPA-free, and totally eliminates the use of toxic solvents.

“The North American power, water and railroad industries are forging ahead rapidly to eliminate the use of any chemicals and compounds that are potentially harmful to humans and habitation and eliminating the use of creosote is one big step forward. Ecodur will, hopefully, hasten the demise of this carcinogenic material and provide a significant alternative to water-based coatings,” added Roosen.

Castagra Products, Inc., is a leader in the multi-billion dollar premium eco coatings industry with its non-toxic, VOC-free, solvent-free, plasticized gypsum coatings that have pioneered the industry and offer outstanding versatility and protection qualities particularly in the fracking industry with its unique challenges for protecting steel containers and pipes. The company has toll production operations in Texas.


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