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Castagra Launches New Foam Product Following Successful Trials

Reno, Nevada — A unique plasticized gypsum coating, widely used to protect frac tanks, has now been launched as a new foam product following its successful and extensive trial use in various applications, including a mountain water flume. Ecodur 201 MF (Manual Foam) comes in 5-gallon pails and is anticipated to be put into a [...]

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Time Lapse Video: San Antonio Water Tower Demolition

Dos Rios Water Tower Demolition from San Antonio Water System on Vimeo. San Antonio Water System removed an elevated tank used for storage of nonpotable water at Dos Rios Water Recycling Center. The welded steel tank was 134 feet tall and 40 feet in diameter, with a capacity of 150,000 gallons.

Ecodur 201: Coating Tiger Pools

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