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Q&A: Coating Expansion Joints

Q: Can you coat expansion joints with Ecodur 201? A: Yes you can. Ecodur has good elongation properties, but if an expansion joints has significant movement, consider using some Extra Strength FibaTape (additional diagonal fiberglass strands) with the Ecodur coating. It’s the most economical way material-wise to handle large expansion joints. Contact our coating tech [...]

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Ecodur 201: Coating Pinwheel Tanks

Castagra Launches New Foam Product Following Successful Trials

Reno, Nevada — A unique plasticized gypsum coating, widely used to protect frac tanks, has now been launched as a new foam product following its successful and extensive trial use in various applications, including a mountain water flume. Ecodur 201 MF (Manual Foam) comes in 5-gallon pails and is anticipated to be put into a [...]

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Time Lapse Video: San Antonio Water Tower Demolition

Dos Rios Water Tower Demolition from San Antonio Water System on Vimeo. San Antonio Water System removed an elevated tank used for storage of nonpotable water at Dos Rios Water Recycling Center. The welded steel tank was 134 feet tall and 40 feet in diameter, with a capacity of 150,000 gallons.

Castagra’s Coatings ‘Triples’ Applicator Margins as the Veggie-Plastic Displaces Traditional Epoxies in Major Applications.

Reno, Nevada, June 16, 2015 — One of the industrial coatings industry’s most revolutionary products, Castagra’s Ecodur, is proving a boon for applicators in the tough market conditions brought about by the huge fall in oil prices which has depressed activity in many areas of the oil and gas services industry. Peter Roosen, CEO, stated,“Ecodur [...]

St. Louis Arch Corrosion Investigation [Videos]

New video of the WJE Corrosion Team’s investigation into corrosion on the St. Louis Arch has been recently uploaded to YouTube.

Unique Veggie-Plastic Coating Applied to Giant Wood Water Flume to Protect Humans and Habitat

Reno, Nevada – June 12, 2015 – A veggie-plastic coating that has proven itself in the tough US oil and gas market, is now bringing the same protection benefits for humans and habitat in the hydro-electric power and water supply industries. A 300-foot section of a giant 10-mile wood hydro-electric water flume on Mount Rainier [...]

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Used Armenco Dual Shaft Disperser Mixer / Blender for Sale

Email: for more information. Primary Description: 30/60hp, ARMENCO, variable speed, dual shaft, DISPERSER / BLENDER 60/30 HP ARMENCO VARIABLE SPEED TWO SHAFT DISPERSER Air / Oil Lift, FL MT, 60 HP 460 Volt Variable High Speed Shaft, 30 HP 400 Volt CS Sweep Blade Variable Low Speed Shaft, 22″ FL Clearance with 1250 Gallon [...]

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3 Common Mistakes Made with Plural Component Spray Equipment

There are numerous benefits to plural component equipment some of which include faster curing times and effortless application. However, if you are used to using a brush and roller, you will be quick to realize that this is a much more sophisticated process. For those that are not technically inclined will inevitably struggle in the [...]

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Ecodur 201: Coating Crestwood Tanks (Coatings Specialties)

North Dakota has some of the severest climatic conditions of anywhere in the Lower 48 and the fracking industry there bears the brunt of them, especially when it comes time to refurbish tanks that cannot be kept out of production for long periods in winter when perfect coating conditions are usually required for conventional coating [...]