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Industrial Coatings for Aluminum Sulfate – Ecodur 201

Aluminum sulfate is an odourless, white, or off-white crystalline solid or powder that has an amazingly high melting point of 1418ºF (770°C). It has a nifty talent. It is hygroscopic so it can pull in surrounding water and absorb it. It is also extremely acidic and corrosive, yet surprisingly it isn’t volatile or flammable.
So what jobs do these powerful little crystals do in our everyday lives? Well, aluminum sulfate has a variety of uses, some of which are fairly surprising including:
1. Water purification
Aluminum sulfate is added in water treatments causing impurities to clump together for easy removal. The process is given the not so attractive name of coagulation.
Since aluminum sulfate has a positive charge, it neutralizes the negative charge of dissolved and suspended particles in water. When this reaction occurs, the particles bind together (coagulate). The larger particles, which are heavy, then quickly sink to the bottom of the water supply.
2. Dyeing fabrics
Like many awesome things in life, power increases when forces are combined. In the same way, when aluminum sulfate combines with water it produces a gelatinous precipitate called aluminum hydroxide. In dyeing and printing cloth, the gelatinous precipitate magically helps the dye adhere to the clothing fibers by making the pigment insoluble.
3. Increasing acidity in soil
Aluminum sulfate has been used (somewhat controversially) to lower the pH of soil. There are mixed debates as to how effective and safe this process is.
University of Illinois Extension’s Homeowners Column says, “aluminum sulfate will change the soil pH instantly because the aluminum produces the acidity as soon as it dissolves in the soil.” But they go on to say: “many acres of land in the world are unusable for crops due to soil acidity and aluminum toxicity.”
4. Baking powder
Aluminum sulfate has been used in baking powder for quite some time. And due to recent controversy over the safety of ingesting aluminum, however, many companies have chosen not to include aluminum sulfate in baking powder anymore.
5. Industrial uses
In construction aluminum sulfate is used as a waterproofing agent and accelerator in concrete.
Ecodur Protective Coating for Aluminum Sulfate
The Ecodur industrial coating has a great compatibility rating to aluminum sulphate and has no VOCs or toxins and it’s composed with renewable castor oil. We have done many water and wastewater projects that involve protecting assets from aluminum sulfate. The Ecodur protective coating also has no flashpoint and cures quickly to minimize downtime.
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