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Ecodur 201: Oil & Gas Coating Project Recap

We have encountered a wide range of coating conditions for the oil and gas industry. Here’s a recap of three oil and gas coating projects we’ve done over the past few years:
Apache Tank Repairs
We completed 40 300-barrel tanks for Apache in north-west Texas that needed bottom corrosion protection against highly saline and corrosive chemicals in production water coming from fracking process. The old coating had visible flakes and cracks in them, which can occur within a few months of application. VOC-free Ecodur was chosen for its long-lasting and cost-effective coating that would meet the challenges of changing production water contents, and still have years of productive service ahead.

Coating Baker Corp Tanks
Mud tanks are a vital part of oil drilling operations and are strong enough to withstand the highly abrasive materials. But the tanks are vulnerable to extreme weather changes, abrasive chemicals, and mechanical shock. To protect them, Ecodur 201 was chosen for its flexibility, VOC and solvent-free characteristics, and its ability to coat in harsh conditions.

Summit Tanks in Fortuna
Oil and gas tanks in North Dakota are faced with extreme temperature conditions due to unpredictable weather, which makes any industrial coating job even more difficult. The tanks are subjected to expansion and contraction caused by the wide fluctuations in temperature ranges. The coating project that was carried out also had an incomplete roof and had a potential threat of heavy rain. Ecodur 201 was used for its relative ease of application, quick cure time, and being VOC-free.

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