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Industrial Coatings for Hexane – Ecodur 201

If you remember high school chemistry classes well, you’ll remember learning about Hexane, the hydrocarbon that makes up a large part of gasoline.
Hexane is produced by refining crude oil. It is a colorless liquid at room temperature and has no odor in its pure form. It also has a boiling point of between 122 to 158ºF (50 and 70°C).
Uses Of Hexane
1. Extracting edible oils from seeds
If you’ve ever wondered how oil can be derived from tiny seeds such as corn germ, it’s actually a pretty interesting process. For example, corn oil is made by expeller pressing maize (squeezing the maize in a machine under high pressure) and then treating it with hexane to extract even more of its oil.
The hexane is then removed from the oil by putting the oil under a very high heat. This diminishes the nutritional value of the oil and also negatively affects its taste and darkens its color.
Many companies, however, use the solvent extraction method to make oil as it is considered to be the most efficient process because it leaves behind only 0.5% to 0.7% of residual oil in raw materials.
2. Solvents for glues
Rubber Cement
Commercial grades of hexane are used as solvents for varnishes and inks and for glues such as rubber cement and adhesives. For example, rubber cement is made by mixing elastic polymers such as latex with hexane so that the mixture is fluid for use.
3. Cleaning agent
Hexane can be used as an industrial cleaner or degreaser. It is useful for dividing molecules and separating fats and oils apart from different substances. For example, it is used as a degreaser in the printing industry.
4. Liquid in low-temperature thermometers
If you’ve ever wondered what type of liquid is in a thermometer, the wait is over, it turns out that it’s hexane.
Hexane and Ecodur
We have used Ecodur to coat stand-alone hexane tanks and crude oil tanks (which contain hexane). The Ecodur industrial coating has a great chemical resistance to hexane and has no VOCs or toxins and it’s composed with renewable castor oil.
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