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Water and Wastewater Conferences In 2015

Are you looking to spruce up your water and wastewater knowledge in 2015 or perhaps take a well-earned working vacation? Now is the time to check out all the exciting up-and-coming water and wastewater conferences in 2015.
1. South Carolina Environmental Conference, March 15–17, South Carolina, US
The South Carolina Environmental Conference is one of the largest environmental conferences for water and wastewater professionals on the east coast of the US. There will be over 1,500 water and wastewater professionals learning about water education from seminars and workshops at the conference. There is also an optional 5k walk/run and polar bear plunge before the conference starts – a perfect way to get to know the people you will be spending the next few days with. @SCeCONF
2. Sustainable Water Management Conference 2015, March 15–18, Portland, US
The Sustainable Water Management Conference brings together water professionals and teaches them how to be sustainable. The conference has technical presentations and discussions about the biggest challenges in water today. It will cover solutions for balancing the benefits of conservation with the costs, managing water re-sources, water conservation, sustainable utilities and infrastructure, urban planning and design, energy efficiency, stormwater, reuse, and more.
3. Water Quality Technology Conference® & Exposition, Nov. 15–19, Salt Lake City, US
Coined as the premier conference for water quality professionals around the world, the Water Quality Technology Conference® & Exposition is the perfect place to get answers on the following topics: asset management, backflow prevention and cross connection control, climate change, customer service, desalination, drought, emergency preparedness, groundwater, how water works, reuse, small systems, source water protection, stormwater, wastewater, wastewater collection systems, water conservation, and water loss control.
4. Canadian Water Summit 2015: The Energy of Water – Exploring Nexus Opportunities, June 25, Vancouver, Canada
The 6th Annual Canadian Water Summit attracts more than 250 water professionals from Canada and around the world who will learn about new water technology, sustainability, leadership, and thinking. There will be expert plenary sessions and panel presentations showcasing case studies, real world projects, and positive examples of nexus opportunities that exist for water and energy which can benefit government, industry and first nations. The summit will also have tours and workshops to educate water professionals. @CdnWaterSummit
5. 68th Canadian Water Resources Association Conference, June 2–4, Winnipeg, Canada
The 68th Canadian Water Resources Association Conference aims to help Canadians prepare for future water challenges in Canada. The conference will include keynote speeches and discussions about urban water challenges, river and lake ice, agriculture and water issues, water and wastewater security in first nation communities, transboundary water quantity, and water quality issues. @CWRA_Flows
6. Global Leakage Summit, March 17–18, London, UK
Achieve ‘zero leakage’ by attending the Global Leakage Summit. It will help water and wastewater professionals develop faster and more efficient leakage management systems, integrated with whole network optimisation, smart asset and integrated sensor management. The summit will include educational panel sessions covering the following topics: “Are water companies investing enough?” and “Companies that have almost succeeded – what can we learn from them?”. There will also be educational sessions on network optimization, smart asset management, smart networks and real time monitoring, integrated network management, handling big data and advanced metering. @WaterLeakage
7. Aquatech India Conference, Aug 11–13, New Delhi, India
With the government pledging to spend USD $2.2 billion on water projects in India, it’s no surprise the Aquatech India Conference will be filled with more than 6,500 water professionals from India and abroad to talk about international cooperation to improve water services in India. As a one-of-a-kind international, high quality water technology exhibition and conference, Aquatech hopes to find water solutions for the complete Indian water sector. @aquatech
8. WaterSmart Innovations Conference and Exposition, October 7–9 Las Vegas, US
WaterSmart Innovations Conference and Exposition brings together water-efficiency professionals together in Las Vegas to discuss innovations in urban water efficiency including products, policies, techniques and ideas. It is the largest urban water-efficiency conference of its kind in the world. Presented by the Southern Nevada Water Authority and innovative organizations, the conference will include keynote speeches, educational sessions, and a sponsored cocktail reception. @WSIConfExpo

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Tatsuya Nakagawa is the VP of Marketing and co-founder of Castagra Products, a storage tank and wastewater coatings manufacturing company that is highly acclaimed for its sustainable coatings and cold weather coating applications. Castagra products are NSF-61 certified and are used by the world’s top water and wastewater contractors.