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Industrial Coatings for Hydrogen Sulfide – Ecodur 201

What is Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S)?
It is a colorless gas, heavier than air, extremely poisonous, corrosive, flammable, and explosive. It also smells like rotten eggs.
Hydrogen sulfide often forms at the bottom of poorly ventilated spaces where bacteria of organic matter breaks down in the absence of oxygen. H2S can be found in swamps, sewers, volcanic and natural gas, well water, and the human body (in small amounts).
If hydrogen sulfide is dissolved in water, it is known as hydrosulfuric acid, which is a weak acid.
The gas affects the nervous system the most and forms a complex bond with iron, thus preventing cellular respiration. It is comparable to carbon monoxide.
For safety tips on hydrogen sulfide, check out the OSHA Fact Sheet.
Featured Hydrogen Sulfide Coating Project

Two years ago, Ecodur 201 was used on a 1000-barrel content water injection tank for Legacy in Wyoming. The tank was eroding quickly due to corrosion from the high hydrogen sulphide (H2S) water content being stored at 145ºF.
Typically, it is common to see pitting on the floor or on the sides of the wall. But this particular tank had suffered severe pitting from floor to ceiling and it had been fiber-glassed and then coated over.
Unprotected fiberglass (Fiber Reinforced Plastic) is highly susceptible to water incursion and/or sun damage – depending on the resin used. Once this process starts, extensive delamination eventually occurs further facilitating the movement of water across tank walls. With the relatively high acidity of the tank’s contents, acid attack was the main culprit causing the highly extensive pitting. The original protective coating appears to have failed early. And overtime, the rapid passage of water had eroded the concrete and left a very bumpy, irregular surface.
Ecodur 201 was used to prevent the corrosion. First, the surface was needed to be prepped and de-scaled. Second, Ecodur was then used to fill and permanently protect the pits from further corrosion.
The tank was fully restored to full use and inspected to show complete integrity. Ecodur has extreme resistance to sulphuric acids commonly encountered in oil tanks. It is also VOC-free, robust, waterproof, and neutral to chemicals.
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