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Why You Should Convert Your Polyurea Spray Rig to an Ecodur Spray Rig

Ecodur Spray Rig
At first glance, both Polyurea and Ecodur may look like they have a similar value proposition, but a closer examination will reveal some major differences. These differences are what will help a coating applicator offer greater value to their customers while improving their bottom line. Here are some reasons why you should convert your Polyurea spray rig to an Ecodur spray rig.
Coating Application Thickness
Often, Polyurea coats a minimum application thickness of 40 mils or more, which is at least twice the thickness of Ecodur’s. Ecodur typically has a minimum application thickness of 20 mils, which also make this considerably cheaper by using less coating material and higher project margins for applicators.
Chemical Resistance
Polyurea’s chemical resistance is good, but it does not have the broad range to match the growing number of chemicals that are now being encountered, especially in the fracking industries where coating life can be measured in a few months, or even days or hours in extreme cases. Ecodur has a far wider resistance range to different chemicals and will allow the applicator to bid on a variety of projects with the same spray equipment.
In Polyurea’s case, there is such a thing as too much flexibility (upwards of 200% elongation compared to Ecodur’s 20% to 100%). Too much flexibility allows the coating material to become more permeable to liquids and susceptible to form large blisters. Ecodur has the perfect amount of flexibility to resist hard impacts without being susceptible to large blister formation. Less permability means less opportunity for lost profits from projects that require redeployment and fixing.
Few polyurea coatings are NSF-61 (potable drinking water) certified due to the peculiar urea chemistry. They are also harder to self-level or flow out smoothly when being sprayed. Ecodur’s spraying application is much smoother and easier to use and apply for the applicator.
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