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Ecodur 201: Coating in Extreme Temperatures (ENER-SPRAY Industrial Solutions)


The Canadian Prairies experience some of the severest winter conditions with temperatures that make coating at industrial sites extremely difficult and often impossible for conventional epoxy products. This case study involved a southern Saskatchewan potash plant where the temperature varied from 50 degrees Fahrenheit (10 C) down to a bitterly cold –22 degrees F (-30 C).


The paramount problem was, aside from the wide temperature variations, the extreme cold temperatures that required artificial heat to be used on the concrete sumps to get them to a reasonable temperature above the Dew Point to avoid the risk of trapped moisture. This meant the use of propane tiger torches which produce temperatures of 3,623 degrees F (1,995 C) and require appropriate safety measures.


Ecodur 201S, which is VOC-free and non-toxic, is the ideal product for use in temperature extremes and considerably outperforms most conventional epoxy coatings because of its unique ability to be sprayed in extremely low temperatures at a few degrees above the Dew Point.

Ecodur is a vegetable oil based gypsum product that not only has a high degree of flexibility but also can be re-applied to itself for the life of the coating and forms a perfect molecular bond, maintaining high integrity.


The concrete was warmed with the torches. Two sumps measuring 8’x8’x7’ with no fittings, were coated. The concrete was dry and had a surface temperature of 23 degrees F (-5 C) as a result of the torch heat that was also needed to thaw ice around the top of the sump. The most extreme temperature experienced during spraying was an air temperature of -13 degrees F (-25 C).

Application Results

Cure to tacky took longer than normally experienced and was achieved after 45 minutes to an hour at extremely cold temperatures.

The project was carried out in two stages:

60 mils of Ecodur 201s was sprayed on the upper portion of a containment wall with a clean finish achieved on the top edge of the wall. The total area was about 1,000 sq. ft. at 8” wide. The concrete needed to be tiger torch heated over most of the area to remove the frost from the substrate.

Other issues encountered included getting tape to stick to provide a clean line. Both areas were also rather congested with lots of preparation work required.


With compression bars already in place, the liner had to be masked off and a clean termination point achieved. All surfaces, including galvanised bars and concrete were coated to 60 mils. Once again a tiger torch and smaller torches were used to eliminate substrate frost.

The project was carried out by ENER-SPRAY Industrial Solutions Ltd. and the client signed off as completely satisfied after the compulsory 24-hour wait period and final inspection.