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4 New Wastewater Technology In 2015

source   2014 has been an exciting year for us all. I got bangs. My dog got a job. (He thinks he’s a dog daycare attendant.) And scientists around the world created new wastewater technologies.   Now it’s time to think ahead into 2015 and ask the ever-important question of: Who will be the movers [...]

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2014 Recap Part 2: Castagra

  For our second installment of our 2014 recap – click here for part 1 – it’s all about Castagra. We had a few popular posts about us, but none more than the ones below.   Castagra   The Castor Bean Will Save the World There’s a cloud of mystery surrounding castor oil and what [...]

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Redesign and Reclamation of Oil Sands and Their Surroundings

source: Oil Sands   Oil sand reclamation in Alberta has had a rocky start. According to Yale Environment 360, a publication of the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies, “less than one square mile of the 296 square miles of land that has been disturbed by tar sands development has been certified as being [...]

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2014 Recap Part 1: Sustainability and Repurposing

  Like a lot of other companies, we’re gloriously counting down the last few days of 2014. And to get it started, we’re recapping some of our more popular blog posts of the year that we’ve enjoyed researching and writing for our clients and readers.   This will be the first installment of a five-part [...]

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Castagra: Coating Technology Background

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Ecodur 201: Cold Weather Containment Project with Ener-Spray Industrial Solutions

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3 Successfully Crowdfunded Water Sustainability Startups

Crowdfunding is awesome. You can make any product, let’s say, three toy monkeys riding a two-seater bicycle (all 3D printed of course) and then sit back and see who invests in your product.   So why are companies turning to crowdfunding nowadays? Well I’m assuming, like me, entrepreneurs feel that going to the bank is [...]

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An Environmentally Friendly Way to Extract Petroleum from Oil Sands

source   Canadian company MCW Energy Group (MCW) has invented the first environmentally friendly oil sands extraction project in North America.   MCW, a fuel distributor to the US since 1938, uses a unique technology to extract oil from oil sands. Its closed-loop extraction technology requires no water, no high pressures or temperatures and features [...]

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Requirements for Maintaining Underground Storage Tanks

source   Underground storage tanks (UST) have a storied history, but did you know the United States has over one million USTs that contain gas, water or other hazardous liquids? And although these liquids are regulated by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), many of the USTs have leaked or are currently leaking.   And [...]

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Ecodur 201 Testing Recommendations for Internal Tank Coatings

Please review relevant specification sheet for additional information. Also see Post Spray Inspection Checksheet PDF. Consult a Castagra Technical representative before commencing your coating project. 1. Conduct Shore D Instrument/Durometer test to test cure levels. Testing should be conducted at room temperature 68-77°F (20-25°C) To conduct a test patch either: a. Find a thick [...]

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