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Q&A: How does Ecodur hold up in high abrasion application areas?

Abrasion resistance of coatings really has more than one determinant property and is a fairly complex subject. The simplest property is to relate the respective hardness values with the material of higher relative hardness causing the one of lower relative hardness to yield or wear away when both are in contact under sufficient stress for [...]

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Castagra: Coating Technology Background

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Ecodur 201: Cold Weather Containment Project with Ener-Spray Industrial Solutions

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3 Successfully Crowdfunded Water Sustainability Startups

Crowdfunding is awesome. You can make any product, let’s say, three toy monkeys riding a two-seater bicycle (all 3D printed of course) and then sit back and see who invests in your product.   So why are companies turning to crowdfunding nowadays? Well I’m assuming, like me, entrepreneurs feel that going to the bank is [...]

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Castagra featured in BIC Alliance

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3 Reasons Why You Should Coat in the Winter Time

  Warren Brand posted a very informative piece on The Do’s and Don’ts of Applying Coatings in Cold Weather.   According to Warren, some of the inevitable challenges applicators may face during the cold weather months are: The cold makes it difficult for people to move and work for long periods of time. The cold [...]

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