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Unique and Sustainable Ways to Manage and Clean Water

Today, I had two realizations when I walked my dog at a park.

  • Realization 1: There are a lot of disgusting bodies of stale water lurking in canals and puddles.
  • Realization 2: My dog is disgusting, because he likes to drink from disgusting puddles.

Although I can’t do anything about realization 2, I found some unique ways that cities can manage and clean water.
Check out these three unique and sustainable ways to manage and clean water.
1. Floating islands
Want to know how to clean a disgusting body of water? Simply smack a floating island in the middle and voilà, you’ve built a natural filtration system.
Biomatrix Water is the company behind this genious invention and build unique floating platforms to help improve the water quality of dirty bodies of water.
The platforms are built to attract plants and animals that grow on it and allow it to flourish into an ecological habitat. The beauty of these islands is that they naturally clean the water around them. The plants from the platform feed on nitrogen pollution in the water, pump oxygen into the water and starve algal blooms.
2. Bioswales
Have you ever wondered what happens to water when there is a lot of rain or a storm? No, me neither. But since we are talking about this now, I should probably tell you.
In older cities like New York excess water flows into gutters which then flows into wastewater management systems. This would be ok if wastewater tanks had the capacity to store this water, but many don’t. So some cities end up throwing this delightful mixture of wastewater and storm water into outfalls by the waterfront.
Yup, it’s not pretty.
But that’s where Bioswales come in. Bioswales look like mini gardens that act as drainage systems for rain and are being strategically placed around New York to capture storm runoff. There will be about 2,000 more of these drainage ditches built costing a sweet total of $46 million. (There are about 250 already in place.)

3. +Pool
What would you do if you lived by a filthy river, but it was super hot and you really, really wanted to swim? You would build a pool in it of course. But not just any pool. A pool that filters the dirty river into clean pool water.
Three New Yorkers have proposed the invention of the +Pool that would be placed in the East River in New York. The +Pool would have a filtration system that would filter the dirty water from the East River into clean water to swim in.
The founders of the Kickstarter funded project hope that the pool will inspire more people to help clean the river, because it will change the way they think about it considering they’ll be swimming in it. (Well technically they’ll be swimming in a clean pool that’s in a dirty river, but you get the point.)


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Aisha Tejani is a contributing writer of Castagra Products, a storage tank and wastewater coatings manufacturing company that is highly acclaimed for its sustainable coatings, cold weather tank and secondary containment coating applications. Castagra products are NSF-61 certified and are used by the world’s top water and wastewater contractors.