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Ecodur 201: Front Range Energy Plant Coating (Colorado Lining International)

A typical 50 million gallon per year ethanol plant uses about 400,000 gallons of water per day. This is roughly equivalent to the daily water use of an 18-hole golf course. Water usage at a Sherman Hills golf course in Florida, for instance, averaged 363,000 gallons per day over a 12-month period. This case study [...]

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Photography Tips for the Oil & Gas and Storage Tank Industry

It’s nearly impossible to not carry around some type of camera – whether it’s a camera phone, point-and-shoot, or professional camera. But have you ever taken a photo for work and got frustrated with the quality of the shot? And if you work in the industrial industry, like oil and gas or tank storage industry, [...]

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Ecodur 201 Q&A: Coating Galvanized Steel with Ecodur

What are the surface preparation requirements for coating galvanized steel with Ecodur? – Lightly sand blasted. Zinc does not need to be removed. – Anchor profile must be between 0.5 mils – 1.5 mils. – No loose flakes or surface contaminates. If you have any questions about Ecodur or any other Castagra product, please send [...]

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4 Ways to Make Fracking Greener and More Sustainable

stephen bowler   Did you know fracking can be done more safely?   I used to think that the environmental and societal damage from fracking was inevitable, and that’s why changes weren’t taking place.   But it turns out, fracking can be done in a more sustainable way. But a lot of the time it [...]

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Storage Tank Events for 2014 and 2015

If you haven’t gone to any tank storage events this year, there are still a few more events left before the year is over. And mark your calendars for 2015 as the market embarks on a new year full of industry trends, technology, analysis, and much more.   Below are some storage tank events for [...]

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