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Unique and Sustainable Ways to Manage and Clean Water

Today, I had two realizations when I walked my dog at a park. Realization 1: There are a lot of disgusting bodies of stale water lurking in canals and puddles. Realization 2: My dog is disgusting, because he likes to drink from disgusting puddles. Although I can’t do anything about realization 2, I found some [...]

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North Dakota Moves to Reduce Volatility of Oil Shipped By Rail

Bakken crude oil train.   If you’ve listened to the news this past year, you’ve probably heard of the number of recent Bakken oil train crashes and explosions.   In fact there have been 10 major accidents in the past 18 months in US and Canada due to trains carrying Bakken oil.   So what’s [...]

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A Primer on Secondary Containment

  If you’re in the tank storage industry, using secondary containment just makes logical sense. It provides padded insurance by containing and preventing hazardous releases into the environment in case the tank was improperly installed or maintained. Below is a rundown on secondary containments   The conception   In the United States, secondary containment made [...]

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Storage Tank Heating Options for Winter Coating Application

Keeping your tank coating and maintenance operations going in the middle of winter can be frustrating and time-consuming for many factors, but none more so than maintaining a consistent temperature of the tank storage. If temperatures drop to freezing and you are not using a specialized cold weather coating, the application of coating material becomes [...]

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The West Virginia DEP Aboveground Storage Tank Act

source: U.S. Department of Agriculture   The aboveground storage tank act was set into motion on June 6th 2014 by the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection (DEP). It requires that aboveground storage tanks are registered, inspected and their risk is identified.   Why is the DEP monitoring aboveground storage tanks more carefully?   This [...]

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Ecodur 201: Summit Midstream tanks coated in New Mexico (Elite Protective Coatings)

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Ecodur 201: WPX Internal Tank Lining (Elite Protective Coating)

Great job Elite!

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Veggie-Plastic Coating Gaining Niche in Fracking Industry’s Secondary Containment Boom

RENO, NEVADA, November 7, 2014 — Veggie-plastic coatings and foams with their natural fire retardant qualities, are out-competing conventional polyurethane coatings in the secondary containment boom says Castagra CEO, Peter Roosen.   “Ecodur has proven to be one of the toughest frack tank interior coatings ever produced, so it was a natural progression that they [...]

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Oil and Gas Industry Partners Join Together to Prevent Pipeline Corrosion

source   Pipeline corrosion is a huge headache. The last thing project managers want to hear is that microbes in the soil are chomping away at pipeline projects that they have spent years on.   The European-based DNV GL, a global maritime and oil and gas safety consulting and accreditation organization, feels that the oil [...]

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Ecodur 201 Q&A: Coating over inorganic primers

The surface to be coated will be an inorganic zinc rich primer. They need the exposed surfaces and bolts coated. Is this acceptable surface prep for Ecodur Coating? Inorganic primers tend to provide enough of a matte finish for the Ecodur 201 to hang onto. The ships that are currently being worked on have similar [...]

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