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What Our Ecodur Coating is Used On

We specialize in tank coatings for the oil and gas and water and wastewater industry, but over the years Ecodur technology has proven to be very versatile from industrial field-applied coatings to works of art. Some examples are below.

1. Wood-inspired Plank

To the naked eye, this looks like any generic 2×4. But upon closer inspection, this is actually a block of cured Ecodur. Ecodur was then coated with brown paint and polished off to look like the real thing.


2. Table Tops and Floor Tiles

One of our talented applicators used Ecodur as a finishing paint on his table and floor. It’s so shiny, you can see your reflection in it.

Table Top


3. Pond Linings and Filling Big Cracks

Add some tequila to our coating and watch it fill huge cracks [certified applicators only].


4. Marine Coating

This was a special coating project on the SS Moyle, which is a very old Canadian Pacific steamship operating in British Columbia waters. It’s the oldest operable sternwheeler in the world and the Kootenay Lake Historical Society has been preserving the ship mainly with modern materials similar to what was used in the 1800s to maintain as much of the original coating as possible. Despite the improvement in material, maintenance still needed to be carried out. So they decided to use Ecodur in certain areas of the vessel where there were peeling issues.


5. Mine Shaft

This was a coating application in a mine shaft in Colorado.


6. Manholes

Aging manholes leak. Often, old brick and mortar ones have been eaten away by environmental elements or road traffic pounding. Ecodur was used on this particular manhole because of Ecodur’s solvent-free, VOC-free, and rapid cure time – which allowed the manhole to be returned to service and avoid much of the sewer backup due to line plugging.


7. Rooftop Coating

Our Ecodur was used on one of our competitor’s rooftops because they didn’t have the adequate materials on hand.


8. Truck Scale

This is a truck scale, made of steel, that needed a tough, long-lasting protective coating that could withstand heavy trucks driving on and off it with debris trapped in tire treads and falling off the trucks. The scale belongs to a salt plant, which means the scale is exposed to salt conditions on a daily basis. Ecodur was used because it is VOC and solvent free and flexible. It is also able to withstand chemical attacks, physical stressing from mechanical loading, temperature fluctuations, and any degradation from salt attacks.

Truck Scale

9. Moulding and Shingles

Create moulding and shingles with Ecodur. The possibilities are endless!



10. Protects Wood

Ecodur molecularly bonds to wood.


11. Foam Pipe


12. Asphalt

(Arizona – Heavy Construction Co.) Cracked asphalt, high UV and high vehicular traffic are no match for Ecodur 201. Still looks good after many years.


And these are some other awesome characteristics Castagra’s Ecodur possesses:

1. Something Fun

Matt Cullen, our VP of Sales, was at a tradeshow recently and took a Starbucks cup and poured some Ecodur into it. The end result looked like the cup was tipped over with “milk” spilling out. It was a great conversation starter.

Spilled Drink

2. Flexibility

Can your coating do this? Castagra’s Ecodur coating has the perfect blend of flexibility and chemical resistance for professionals in the oil and gas industry and the water and wastewater industry. Ecodur also adheres well to surfaces and is cold-weather applicable.

3. Burn Test and Flashpoint

We tested Ecodur material against different types of foam to see how each holds up to getting burned.

4. Coating Over Bolts

Coat over bolts and rivets with ease. No strip coating required.


5. Ecodur has Superior Adhesion

That’s not pancake batter. It’s Ecodur 201 (industrial coating) sticking to a Teflon frying pan.


6. Ecodur to Ecodur Rebonding

Ecodur has a phenomenal bond-ability. Minor repairs are fast and easy.


7. Ecodur Curing and Adhesion Demo

Our applicator demonstrates the adhesion and the curing speed of Ecodur.

Ecodur 201 Comparative Roofing Product Pull Tests

Adhesion to fabrics (Secondary Containment)

8. Ecodur Abrasion Resistance

Ecodur 201 Vs Weed Wacker. Video created by Hudrlik Building Products, LLC.

Ecodur 201 (Coating) Durability & Adhesion: Dry Ice Blasting Demo

TNphoto Tatsuya Nakagawa
Tatsuya Nakagawa is the VP of Marketing and co-founder of Castagra Products, a storage tank and wastewater coatings manufacturing company that is highly acclaimed for its sustainable coatings, cold weather tank coating applications, and its durable frac tank coatings. Castagra is used by the world’s top oil and gas field services companies.