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Should Sustainability Reporting Be Made Mandatory?

source   We all want to fit in and be liked. The same goes for companies. That’s why companies haven’t been jumping on the voluntary sustainability reporting bandwagon.   It’s like putting all of your dirty (or sustainably cleaned) laundry out there and waiting to see what the public thinks about you. I imagine it’s [...]

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Happiness Is . . .

What is happiness to you? Is it . . . A perfectly brewed cup of coffee? A meeting that ends on time? No rush-hour traffic to and from work Landing that seven-figure contract? Hearing laughter from your family? While we’re on a job site, happiness is . . .   · A tank coating project [...]

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The Battle Against Corrosion

There was a time in my teenage years when I was in love with love. It was torture. So when I first heard of “love locks” on Paris’s Pont des Arts bridge, I unofficially knew I was going to get married there with white doves singing and flying overhead as I walked down the aisle. [...]

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