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#OldSchoolFriday: Peter Roosen working on the Ecodur technology in the 90′s

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How to Make Mining Water Sustainable

I was surprised to read that mining uses about 20% of the earth’s water. Although nearly everything needs water for production, such as food, plastic or cars, I couldn’t help but wonder why on earth so much water was needed for mining. Was it to rinse off huge, sparkling diamonds, or perhaps to quench the [...]

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Does Your Company Have a Sustainability Campaign?

Does your company have a sustainability campaign? If so, do you embrace the movement and really get behind it?   Here at Castagra, we do our best to lower our carbon footprint by practicing and encouraging sustainability techniques for all employees. For starters, we use very little paper. Instead, we have embraced technology and now [...]

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400th Blog Post Recap

  Four years ago, we started writing content for our blog to keep our clients informed on industry news. And since then, the blog has expanded to include off-beat news, tips, case studies, and much more. We’ve written over 180,000 words to reach our 400th post. We’re very proud of our accomplishment and have enjoyed [...]

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Oil and Gas Centers of Excellence: GE Leads the Way in Innovation

General Electric (GE) is creating waves in oil and gas. It invested $5 million to build the Norway Technology Solutions Center that was unveiled on August 25th, 2014. And it’s impressive on all levels.   Was it really worth the investment?   GE thinks so. It believes that the center will support global oil and [...]

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Four Unique Types of Food Wastewater Used to Generate Energy

Energy can be produced from a variety of interesting sources like manure wastewater to beer wastewater. We decided to look at the more appealing (and less, ahem, fragrant) wastewaters from food to find four unique types of food wastewater used to generate energy.   1) Coffee Wastewater   Do you like a steaming cup of [...]

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Ecodur 201: Coating more Summit Tanks (Coating Specialties)


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Ecodur 201: Coating Plaza One Metro Center (Aquablocx)

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Castagra at the 7th Annual Aboveground Storage Tank Conference & Trade Show

See you at the show. Our booth number is #18. 7th Annual Aboveground Storage Tank Conference & Trade Show in Houston, TX on September 23, 2014 Double Tree by Hilton Hotel Houston Hobby Airport

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Etiquette Tips for Industrial Jobsites

No matter the size of the job, how employees and subcontractors behave on a job site can and will determine future business. If you are the employer, simple company guidelines should be set in place for workers to abide by in order to avoid unfavorable situations that may affect the company’s reputation and the clients [...]

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