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Great Industrial Blogs That Push for Sustainability

We write a lot about sustainability – like which companies are sustainable, or the techniques companies use to become more sustainable, or even how much money is spent on sustainability. But what about industrial blogs or professionals in the industrial business who push for sustainability?   Below are some great sustainable blogs in the industrial [...]

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Corrosion Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

Corrosion is all around us. In school we were taught that when iron is exposed to oxygen, iron oxide, or rust, is formed very slowly. But when iron and oxygen come in contact with water, rust forms much quicker.     But watching rust form is like watching paint dry – only at a much [...]

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Sustainable Manufacturing is a Natural Necessity

The manufacturing industry is a very lucrative business for countries.   And in the past 10 years, sustainability has played an important role in how corporations are perceived and how they handle themselves in an ever-growing demand for transparency from consumers. Environmental responsibility is not only good for business, it is becoming an integral part [...]

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How Drought-stricken Parts of the United States Conserve Water

Would you like a glass of refreshing sewage water along with that burger and fries? If you live in an area with limited drinking water, you may have no choice. In the drought-stricken area of Wichita Falls in Texas, city taps are flowing with treated sewage water. According to the Scientific American, the city has [...]

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One-woman Mission to Better Water and Wastewater Industry

The water and wastewater sector is a vast and important industry that communities and municipalities rely on 24 hours a day, everyday. It can be a stressful job to maintain the health and safety standards for hundreds of thousands of people, if not more. But Sidney Innerebner is a on a one-woman mission to make [...]

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Ecodur 201: Cargill Truck Scale

A salt plant in Freedom, Oklahoma, has to continually contend with a chemical that is very corrosive where unprotected steel is concerned, so any equipment handling it needs to be well protected as the small crack or scratch on coated surfaces will quickly be attacked, creating rust that will ultimately destroy all the metal.   [...]

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