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It’s Bite the Bullet Time for U.S. Infrastructure Now That the Economy is Rebounding,’ says Coating Boss

Gulf Restoration Network RENO, NEVADA, JULY 14, 2014 – Industrial coatings company Castagra Products’ CEO, Peter Roosen, says now is the time for the US to really bite the bullet with the economy rebounding and address major infrastructure deficits such as the state of drinking water and wastewater installations and pipes. “With employment on the [...]

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Castagra Logo (3D Printer)

It’s amazing what you can do with a 3D printer.

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Wastewater Treatment Plant Transformed into Center for Education

source: The City of London operates six wastewater treatment plants   London, Ontario is jumping on the bandwagon of wastewater treatment plants that strive to educate by producing an eight million dollar center of excellence for wastewater out of an existing wastewater treatment plant. The program is made possible by the partnership between Western University, [...]

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Virtual Corrosion Simulation Games For All Ages

Nobody likes corrosion. There’s more negative than positive. But when it happens, do you know what resources to use and how to prevent it?   If you learn best through digital simulation, check out three great corrosion games that provide educational and useful tips.   CorrSim II Corrosion Simulation Game   CorrSim II is a [...]

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Ecodur 201: Los Angeles Superior Compton Courthouse (Aquablocx)

A 15,000 gallon water tank on the 14th floor of a Los Angeles court house in Compton needed emergency repairs as it was leaking. The water was potentially a threat to the electronics of a new elevator system being installed. The situation became a Class 1 emergency when it was realised that no sprinkler water [...]

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Social Media Can Encourage Sustainability Growth in Organizations

source:   When I talk about social media with my parents, they look at me with a slightly vacant look in their eyes and their mouths are open ajar – enough for air to go in and out to stay alive. I then mention Twitter. Still nothing. Then I mention Facebook. Their faces light up [...]

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Water-based Organic Batteries to Replace Lithium Batteries

John Seb Barber   Scientists have taken a lesson from nature, one of our greatest teachers, to recreate how plants transfer energy. Sri Narayan, professor of chemistry at the University of Southern California, has taken quinones from naturally occurring hydrocarbons to fuel the invention of water-based organic batteries. The cheap, rechargeable, and environmentally friendly batteries [...]

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What Contaminants Are in Our Drinking Water?

Imagine opening your faucet to see glistening pieces of gold in your tap water. This is what two residents, Mark and Sharon Brown, found in Whitehall, Montana. With the recent trend of edible gold sprinkled in alcohol, or used to cover a $25,000 chocolate desert at the fancy Serendipity 3 restaurant in Manhattan, at first [...]

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