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A Comprehensive List for a Career in the Coatings Industry

Want a job in the coatings industry but don’t know where to start? Check out our comprehensive list of resourceful websites to help you get started. If you know of any, email us at marketing@castagra,com or tweet us @castagra.
Coatings Application
SpecSource Global
One of the top leaders in industrial coating, it’s worth it to sign-up to get the latest industry news from experts on a wide variety of topics. For employment opportunities, click here.
Paint Square
If you’re unsure what coating application entails, check out Paint Square for tips and training. They have resources that discuss surface preparation, quality control, health and safety, and much more. For employment opportunities, click here.
Coatings Jobs
Coatings Jobs is like Craigslist and Monster rolled into one for people interested in industrial coatings. You can search for jobs by location, type, and even employer. Don’t forget to include your résumé to get noticed by employers.
LinkedIn Groups
If you’re not on LinkedIn, sign-up. Once you’re signed up, search for relevant groups to join and keep an eye out for job announcements.
Corrosion is a constant enemy in the coatings industry. So NACE serves to stop and prevent corrosion from happening. They provide intensive training and educational courses on corrosion, industry standards, and more. For employment opportunities, click here.
Paint & Coatings Industry
This B2B company serves the coatings industry with technical solutions, relevant trends, market reports, case studies, and quality interviews with industry leaders For employment opportunities, click here.
American Coatings Association
This not-for-profit organization has a very simple mission. And it is to ” advance the interests of the coatings industry and serve as its chief advocate and spokesperson before the government and public.” They serve as the platform for all contributions the coating industry provides to society. For employment opportunities, click here.
Coatings Careers
Like the above Coatings Jobs, Coatings Careers makes it easy to find employment in the coatings industry in the U.S. But register first before you can tap into the listings and to save your job search history. For employment opportunities, click here.
Coatings World
It’s easy to see why Coatings World is one of the top resources within the coatings industry. They offer timely news and opinions from thought leaders, they provide market research and analysis, free magazine, and more For employment opportunities, click here.
Oil and Gas Job Search
Industrial coating is extremely important in the oil and gas industry. When done properly, it prevents leaks and spills, and corrosion in the tanks. For coatings opportunities, in the oil and gas sector, click here.

TNphoto Tatsuya Nakagawa
Tatsuya Nakagawa is the VP of Marketing and co-founder of Castagra Products, a storage tank and wastewater coatings manufacturing company that is highly acclaimed for its sustainable coatings, cold weather tank coating applications, and its durable frac tank coatings. Castagra is used by the world’s top oil and gas field services companies.