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Coatings CEO says our ‘Chemical Society’ is Costing Hundreds of Billions of Dollars Annually in Corrosion Damage

Ship Corrosion
Jukka Huotari
RENO, NEVADA, JULY 21, 2014 – Castagra Products Inc. CEO, Peter Roosen, says US steel-based infrastructure components, whether they be cars, steel tanks, bridges, or ships, are as vulnerable to corrosion now as they were 50 years ago.
“We live in a society dominated by corrosive chemicals that can be airborne, liquid, powder, solids or locked up in products. We are exposed to the carcinogenic ones with consequent rising cancer rates.
“Corrosion is not cancer, but it does seem like it with the insidious way it eats into metal and concrete structures, often going undetected until the coating fails and lo and behold it has penetrated all the way through rendering it in need of urgent repair or the recycling yard,” said Roosen.
A study by NACE International (The International Association of Corrosion Engineers) cites that the direct cost of corrosion in the U.S. is $276 billion (3.1% of Gross Domestic Product). It conservatively estimated the indirect cost to be equal to the direct cost, for a total of $552 billion. This represents 6% of US GDP.
Over a 5 year period, the Pentagon will spend $114.5 billion repairing rust on U.S. Military ships, tanks, planes, and equipment. However, it has been estimated that 25 to 30% of annual corrosion costs in the U.S. could be saved if optimum corrosion management practices were employed.
“The coatings industry spends vast sums of money coming up with better ways of protecting structural surfaces, but our chemical society, as I call it, keeps throwing up more and more chemical challenges in industries such as fracking and thermal power generation.
“Conventional epoxies have done a great job and continue to do so within their limitations, but, for example, the fracking industry has created huge new challenges because many liquids being used are highly corrosive with great variations in formulations which are often kept secret.
“Furthermore, combine the chemical cocktails in a tank that moves and then you have the double whammy of mechanical and chemical shock which quickly leads to micro-cracking and corrosion failure,” stated Roosen.
“We adhere to NACE practices and there is no better source of knowledge as to how to get prevention right.
“Never before has the saying ‘an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure’ been so relevant with regard to combatting corrosion. This ancient proverb was written by English jurist, Henry de Bracton around 1240, and it holds as true today as when it was first written!”
Castagra Products, Inc., is a leader in the multi-billion dollar premium eco coatings industry with its non-toxic, VOC-free, solvent-free, plasticised gypsum coatings that have pioneered the industry and offer outstanding versatility and protection qualities particularly in the fracking industry with its unique challenges for protecting steel containers and pipes. The company has toll production operations in Texas and California.