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Coatings Company CEO says Fracking Boom Money Could Help Fund Bridge Re-Construction Which is at a Crisis Point

source   RENO, NEVADA- June 30, 2014 – Castagra products CEO, Peter Roosen, says a ‘bump at the pump’ would probably go down like a lead balloon with the public, but the crisis with the nation’s bridges needs addressing urgently.   “The American Society of Civil Engineers only gave the nation’s bridges a C+ grade [...]

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Annual Coating Inspection of the Johnny G. Martinez Water Treatment Plant

The Johnny G. Martinez Water Treatment Plant is one of two water treatment plants in Tempe, AZ. Due to population growth there was a need to expand the plant to 80 million gallons a day capacity. The expansion project created the first large scale UV facility for drinking water disinfection in Arizona. Two covered 12 [...]

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Matt Cullen (VP Sales) and Peter Roosen (CEO) taking a short cut to the next sales meeting.

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The Greatest Sewer is Also One of the World’s Oldest

On a global scale, it has been claimed by researchers that ancient cities like Rome already developed a form of water and wastewater infrastructure long before the rest of the world caught on.   However, much of their base work was intended to carry rainwater away from roofs and pavements. But their most notable drainage [...]

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Sustainable Coatings for the Present and the Future

Sustainability is now at the forefront for all a lot of industries, especially in the coatings industry where toxic chemicals and materials are used.   Steven Danielpour, author of Coatings: Shifting the Paradigm and director of firmwide specifications at HOK, mentions that “new technologies and processes will help deliver the innovations needed to respond to [...]

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A Plastic Island That’s Bigger Than Texas

I recently went running along a beautiful sandy beach in Vancouver, Canada, and stopped to breathe in the salty air and admire the water hitting the sand. I noticed a huge, hairy dog playing with a plastic bottle that had been discarded on the beach. Although the dog seemed to be enjoying the sound of [...]

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