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‘Eureka Moment’ for Tank Coating Veteran as Veggie Plastic Coating Keeps a Frac Well Producing

A ‘eureka moment’ came to veteran tank coater, Jon Goza, in Colorado with the realisation that a veggie plastic coating he was using, no longer meant oil production had to be stopped.

Goza, who has coated hundreds of oil and produced water tanks, said, “I’d won a coating project to use conventional two-part epoxy coating, but I tried Castagra’s Ecodur on the first tanks and realised that with the fast, uncomplicated cure process, it was no longer necessary to shut down the well’s production.

“I found I could get each tank done completely with 48 hours and have it back on line whereas it would have been 96 hours for the two-part epoxy which would have forced a shut down.

“It was a genuine eureka moment to realise how my business had just changed so radically with tremendous upside for the customer of not having the huge aggravation and loss of revenue in halting production,” stated Goza.

“We were doing 104 tanks in Piceance Basin in Colorado. The tanks had to be prepped by cleaning and sandblasting as they were pitted. Then a simple bypassing operation meant that we could keep the needed number of production tanks on line while we coated which, given the prevailing weather conditions, was remarkable in itself.”

Goza said that the cold extremes at the time would have been a severe challenge, if not impossible, for most conventional coatings as the thermometer generally was in the 18F to 32F range.

“The Ecodur met the cold weather challenge beautifully and was applied at temperatures that would have ruled out the use of most other coatings.

“Another great challenge was the extensive pitting. We floated a layer of Ecodur up to 60 mils thick on the tank bottoms. They ended up so smooth you’d never know they were badly pitted,” commented Goza.

“In this respect too, Ecodur is helping change my business by giving tank owners a serious extension on the life of their tanks which would probably, otherwise, have been heading for the scrap yard.”

Castagra Products, Inc., is a leader in the multi-billion dollar eco premium coatings industry with its non-toxic, VOC-free, solvent-free, plasticised gypsum coatings that have pioneered the industry and offer outstanding versatility and protection qualities particularly in the oil & gas industry with its unique challenges for protecting steel containers and pipes.

Jon Goza
Elite Protective Coatings, LLC.