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Storage Tanks: An Artist’s Dream Canvas

If you work in the tank storage industry, you’re probably used to the varying sizes of tanks and what liquids it holds. But for artists, they see a massive blank canvas waiting to be coloured on. So to show the public the tank industry’s colourful personality, we get artistic. Check below for inspiration projects that went into these storage tank art.
Pablo Picasso Energy Storage Tank Art at Sierra College, California
Art students at Sierra College are whipping out their spray cans and spreading some inspiring art, such as this image of Pablo Picasso – one of the greatest and most influential artists of the 20th century. When a news reporter asked student Archie Warren why he was spraying the thermal energy storage tank, he responded: “it’s something someone can look at everyday and get a little happiness from.”

Cut Collective Art on a New Zealand Storage Tank
New Zealand street art crew Cut Collective added a splash of class to a new multi-million dollar storage tank and named it “Energy Begins Here”. Adorned by high winds and rain, the crew spent an impressive four days and nights creating eye catching storage tank art. The crew can now proudly add “creating New Zealand’s largest piece of street art” to their resumes.

CUT COLLECTIVE X TANK FIVE from Claire Littler on Vimeo.

Folley Beach, California Water Tank Art
Folley Beach kept it nice and simple with the initials FB on this light turquoise water tank.

Giant Golf Ball Storage Tank Art
Jetco, a team of precision painters, transformed a 400,000 gallon water tower in Silvis, Illinois into a giant golf ball. The art is a homage to the John Deere Classic tournament. Not for the faint of heart, painting the giant artwork was quite challenging. Owner of Jetco, Ken Brend commented: “The only thing that freaks us out is the wind. If we’re up here in 40 mile per hour winds, that’s when it gets a little sketchy.”

Marathon Pipe Line Public Service Announcement
What is a great way to get your advertising to stand out against a sea of competitors? Paint it in large letters on a huge storage tank. Marathon Pipe Line painted the service announcement: “Know what’s below. Call 811 before you dig.” They then went a step further and filmed the painting and ran the message in movie theaters in August 2012.

So how do people paint water towers?
According to the owner of Jetco, Ken Brand, it is 75% math, and 25% art. Check out this video asking some of the tough questions you need to know to paint a storage tank. Oh and did we mention the interviewer is a puppet? The storage tank painter seems to find this hilarious.


TNphoto Tatsuya Nakagawa
Tatsuya Nakagawa is the VP of Marketing and co-founder of Castagra Products, a storage tank and wastewater coatings manufacturing company that is highly acclaimed for its sustainable coatings, cold weather tank coating applications, and its durable frac tank coatings. Castagra is used by the world’s top oil and gas field services companies.