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Fracking Forcing Beneficial Change to the Economy and Companies Involved


ALEXANDRIA, MINNESOTA, APRIL, 2014 — “The benefits of fracking are bringing a new golden age to the US economy and companies servicing the industry,” says Chad Toftness, Project Manager for Coating Specialties LLC., a leading oil tank coatings company.

“As we go about our business throughout the US, we see the evidence of the enormous beneficial change happening in the communities where we work: brimming truck lots, happy workers, busy stores, and simply folk now looking to long term, generational employment for their families.”


Toftness said that while fracking has been around for many decades, it has been the new science applied to it that is wringing out the enormous volumes of gas and oil from US shale deposits.

“There were very few people around five years ago who were predicting the enormous growth in the industry. It did meet with some consternation at first as there were fears that it would all get out of hand with widespread risk to water tables and containment in general, but those fears have been allayed.”

Coating Specialties has made sure it was at the forefront of adapting to the new demands of the industry both for tank protection and containment areas.


“With our many years of working in the oil and gas industries, we were well aware of the limitations of conventional epoxy protective coatings for instance for tanks where they would typically show fairly early evidence of trouble to come with micro-cracking. They were also nearly all using solvents and were tricky to apply in winter and costly to clean up afterwards,” said Toftness.

“So we were open minded to something better and came across a non-toxic, solvent and VOC free veggie plastic type coating that already had some two decades of performance in harsh marine environments as a deck coating.

“But, it was not just these benefits that attracted us. It turned out Castagra’s Ecodur has outstanding winter application performance too, something vital in an industry that is going full bore 365 days of the year in some of the harshest environments North America produces such as North Dakota in winter.”


Toftness said his industry takes its relationship with the public very seriously in terms of protecting the environment above and below ground.

“It’s not a case of letting the good times roll in a booming economy without being mindful of what materials are the best to use in our work. I have been amazed and very pleased at just how seriously the big corporates have been matching the growth of their businesses with their responsibilities to protect the environment.

“In our case, it’s been bringing a VOC-free, non-toxic, non-solvent high performance coating that will allow tanks to perform better over the long term and mean those applying it not being exposed to conventional chemicals,” concluded Toftness.


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