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Castagra Jobs: Protective Coating Specialist

Castagra is seeking a Protective Coating Specialist (PCS) to work with our sales team and coating customers. The PCS provides Castagra with effective specialized engineering consultations and maintains quality standards. The PCS is responsible in providing technical support to plant operations, new projects activities, standardization and purchasing

A Bachelor degree in Chemical Engineering, Coatings & Polymers, Polymer Science or Polymer Engineering from an accredited university. A Professional Engineer (P.E.) or Chartered Engineer (C.Eng.) license or registration would be desirable but is not essential.

A minimum of 15 years of professional experience, including at least 10 years as a specialist with full responsibility for major technical work in the field of corrosion technology and engineering.

Recognized both within and outside of the company as a leading expert in the field of protective coatings.

Demonstrate specific expertise in coating chemistry, writing specification, standard development, failure analysis, coating selection, application mechanisms and surface preparation. In addition, he should be certified by SSPC, NACE or any other recognized organization.

Duties and Responsibilities
Act as the company’s foremost protective coatings consultant in the company’s dealing with other Castagra’s departments, sales team and coating customers.

Providing leadership by conceiving, designing and carrying out major coating studies to resolve complex technical problems, increase revenue, optimize processes, and improve safety.

Act as a principal investigator of coating failures and incidents. Conduct root cause analysis (RCA) as certified facilitator to resolve specific coating failures.

Develop and maintain Castagra’s engineering standards and design best practices to enhance company profitability, safety and productivity.

Evaluate and introduce best practice and emerging technologies from all over the world to help the company achieve best in class positions in the protective coatings business.

Evaluate major long-term trends in the area of coatings and serve as a major conduit of technology transfer within the company. Develop ideas for major technical studies or projects to be carried out by vendors and supporting coating contractors.

Contribute to taskforce investigations to investigate major incidents or solve specific problems. Provide engineering leadership and counsel other team members.

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