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Castagra Ecodur 201: Coating Applicator Testimonial


“Elite Protective Coatings have been in the coatings business for many years and have worked with all the major coating manufacturers. We were recently introduced to Castagra’ Ecodur 201 product by an end-customer and have been very impressed with the coating’s versatility. Ecodur’s ability to deal with large pitting issues and the coating’s performance in cold weather conditions are some of the key benefits we liked. We also found Ecodur 201 minimized downtime, and allowed the tanks to return to service quicker than expected.”

We also enjoyed Castagra‚Äôs approach to business and relationship building. They have worked hard to uncover untapped market opportunities and are proactive in helping applicators discover new opportunities.”

Jon Goza, Elite Protective Coatings, LLC