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Castagra Jobs: Protective Coating Specialist

Castagra is seeking a Protective Coating Specialist (PCS) to work with our sales team and coating customers. The PCS provides Castagra with effective specialized engineering consultations and maintains quality standards. The PCS is responsible in providing technical support to plant operations, new projects activities, standardization and purchasing Requirements A Bachelor degree in Chemical Engineering, Coatings [...]

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14 Tips on Reducing or Eliminating Solvent Use in the Industrial Coatings Industry

Industrial and manufacturing companies rely on solvents for a myriad of activities like, cleaning and degreasing machinery and surfaces, and coatings and paints. But many of these solvents contain volatile organic compounds (VOC), which can be mostly found in many cleaning solutions due to their effectiveness at dissolving and removing grease. But once it’s emitted [...]

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Castagra Ecodur 201: Coating Applicator Testimonial

“Elite Protective Coatings have been in the coatings business for many years and have worked with all the major coating manufacturers. We were recently introduced to Castagra’ Ecodur 201 product by an end-customer and have been very impressed with the coating’s versatility. Ecodur’s ability to deal with large pitting issues and the coating’s performance in [...]

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“Eco Premium Coatings Booming and ‘Overcoating’ the Industry” – Castagra CEO

RENO, NEVADA, APRIL 25, 2014 – “It’s great to see the premium eco coatings market establishing itself into a multi-billion dollar market after we first led with a zero VOC, non-toxic veggie plastic formulation over two decades ago,” says Castagra CEO, Peter Roosen. Roosen, the inventor of a plasticized gypsum formulation that first covered C-class [...]

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Is your industrial coating dead?

Millions of years ago there were tiny sea creatures called plankton swimming about in the ocean. They then died and sank to the bottom of the deep, dark sea along with a scattering of plants. Their remains were covered with mud that began to change into rock. The plant and animal remains were then cooked [...]

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The Castor Bean will Save the World

There’s a cloud of mystery surrounding castor oil and what its role is in society. This unusual oil has been used extensively in both health and industrial sectors. We use this fantastic ingredient for our protective coatings.   History of castor oil Castor oil comes from the castor plant, Ricinus communis, which is native to [...]

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Chinese Scientists Remove Lead from Wastewater with Bacteria

A team of Chinese researchers has found a promising method to remove lead from wastewater using the bacteria Escherichia coli.   The effort, led by Jing Zhao of Nanjing University and Peking University’s Shenzhen Graduate School, is an innovate and sustainable solution to a rising problem of high amounts of lead in wastewater in China. [...]

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