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Veggie Plastic Protective Coatings Company in Oil and Gas Industries Reveals ‘D.I.Y Recipe’


RENO- NEVADA – Castagra, the world leader in veggie plastic, non-toxic coatings for heavy industrial use such as acid tank protection, announced today it will be facilitating a do-it-yourself (DIY) coating product formulation that closely matches its leading product for testing purposes within the oil and gas industries.

Castagra has now ‘open sourced’ the formula so a simple step-by-step process can be followed with ingredients commonly available at your local supermarket and home hardware stores.

Castagra CEO, Peter Roosen, said the company’s Ecodur product is enjoying stunning success in the oil and gas industries but felt it was time to drive the market down to deeper levels within the industries so smaller applicators could see the major advantages a sprayable vegetable oil based, non-toxic, non-solvent based coating would have over conventional epoxies.


“You simply cannot do that when the smallest available quantities are industrial size, combined with prohibitive shipping costs. Seeding the market to attract a wider user base within the oil and gas industries needed, for us, some major element of innovation. “Ecodur is made of two main ingredients: gypsum and vegetable oil with a catalyst to set off the polymerisation.

“In the case of the DIY formula we have kept to the basics but made sure the quantities are relatively small so one or five gallon batches can be made easily at home or in a shed.”

Roosen said Castagra has devoted much of its marketing effort to social media to broaden the awareness base within the oil and gas industries especially. “We don’t have multi-million dollar marketing and advertising budgets so we have to be inventive. Driving the awareness of our world class protective coatings has not simply been a case of demos and allowing the product to be tested by major companies.

“They keep the test results close to their chest and, of course, are not in the business of letting their competitors know that they are on to a good thing, hence our desire now to go bottom up and attract adventurous applicators who will do some experimenting before they dive in and get on board with Ecodur and FracShield products,” said Roosen.


Roosen, continued, “All that’s needed is four pints of canola oil for preference, four pounds gypsum powder, the yolks from a dozen eggs to provide the additional complex fatty acids to complement the canola oil. That only leaves the kick-starter which is a standard cup full of Stultus Aprilis which is commonly available at this time of the year.”


Castagra Products, Inc., is a leading protective coatings company making a significant contribution to protecting tanks and containment areas in the North American oil and gas industries, most especially the frac’ing industry, where the twin-coat FracShield product has won acclaim for acid resistance.