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The 3 Most Risky Jobs in the Oil and Gas Industry

Working in the oil and gas industry can be a lucrative gig – with many jobs exceeding $100,000. However it can be an extremely demanding and risky job.   Employees on oilrigs can work grueling 12-hour shifts where they face highly combustible materials and the threat of swinging cranes and the hazard of dangerous, heavy [...]

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Ecodur 201: Tank Farm Secondary Containment Liner Solution

A tank farm in Erie, Colorado, located a quarter of a mile from an elementary school, required some containment work that would normally have involved the heavy use of trucks. The tank farm company contracted a containment specialist company, Colorado Lining International (‘CLI’), from Parker, Colorado, which has been working in this field for over [...]

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3 Tank Coating Advantages That You May Not Have Thought Of

  When we talk about industrial tank coatings we typically talk about things like durability and adhesion, but there are many other benefits that you may have not considered.   1. Save Money on New Factory Infrastructure The oil and gas industry has seen tremendous growth in recent years. This means that productions are expanding, [...]

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Coating Fundamentals: Above Ground Steel Tanks

  Coatings are essential to ensure steel tank longevity. When the application is done right the first time, it saves time and money. But, coatings failure can and do occur for a variety of reasons. Which is why it is paramount to determine the root cause of the problem and to determine how to fix [...]

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Another Tank Manufacturer Takes Advantage of Quick Curing Ecodur to Save on Expansion Costs

Five years ago, few insiders could have envisioned the enormous impact of shale gas and oil development in the US. Now that it is all in high gear, the benefits are percolating even wider through state economies and ultimately to the national one as the benefits, particularly of cheap natural gas, feed the industrial engine. [...]

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Has the Tank Storage Industry Embraced 3D Printing?

If you’re a moviegoer, you’re probably familiar with 3D movies. But are you familiar with the 3D printing technology? For those who are still foreign to this concept, 3D printing has been around since the 1980s, but it wasn’t until the early 2010s that demand for these machines increased. Because of their increased sales, prices [...]

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Cool Industrial Coating Robots

Robots are amazing employees. They can withstand highly toxic environments, they are super fast, and they always come to work on time. And unlike their human counterparts, many have explosion proof arms.   Check out some of these great coating robots.   Kuka     This robot is coating plasma in a vacuum. The thermal [...]

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Testing and Inspecting Storage Tank Thickness

A storage tank’s coating is as important as a super hero’s armor. It is needed for protection. Without coating, the storage tank would corrode and rust compromising its contents. In fact uncoated steel forms a thin corrosion layer as soon as the raw sheets are laid out. That’s why it is imperative that storage tank [...]

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Tank OEMs Benefit From Ecodur When It Comes to Expansion Time

Times are very good indeed for US oil storage tank builders, particularly those manufacturing for the booming frac industry. With shale oil and gas reserves continually climbing the overall forecast for those good times to continue appears to be well over the distant time horizon of decades to come. Problem Stepping up capacity often throws [...]

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Different Ways Water is Transported

When you think of the different ways water gets transported, you might think of the obvious ones like pipelines, canals, infrastructure, delivery trucks, collapsible water jugs, and water bottles. But some of the unconventional transportation methods are pretty awesome, too. Check below for some of the methods you may not have thought of. Waterskin Bags [...]

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