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Major Corrosion and Industrial Coating Events 2014

Corrosion Events
April 23-25
Pipeline Integrity Management Seminar
Held at the Marriott Mexico City Reforma Hotel, Mexico City, Mexico

Increase Safety/Reduce Incidents/Logistics Economics

Pipeline integrity management (PIM) is a vital aspect of engineering that focuses on implementation of efficient and optimal preventative actions to detect and mitigate risk. Smart PIM results in increased safety, environmental protection, reliable service, and maximum profit for logistics of transport and distribution of oil, gas, and refined hydrocarbons.

The NACE Pipeline Integrity Management Seminar will expand your knowledge by providing you with international experience that addresses the following vital topics in this emerging field:

Quantitative risk assessment for top maintenance decision makers
Standard and novel technologies for in line inspection
NACE Standard Practice on ECDA, ICDA and SSCDA evaluation alternatives for non piggable pipelines
Corrosion control systems and critical repair methodologies
Operator Qualification programs and development of the human factor
NACE certification programs and career development plans for new specialists
Novelties in Geographic Information Systems for pipelines
Software, data base management, and regulatory documentation of PIM
Compliance to Pipeline Integrity Management Mexican Official Standard NOM-027-SESH-2010, as well as ASME B31.8S, API 1160 and US DOT regulations

May 7-8, 2014
Concrete Coatings Conference 2014
Hosted at the Sonesta Hotel Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA

Enhanced corrosion resistance and durability through the use of concrete coatings is seldom addressed within the corrosion industry. Coatings are the most widespread corrosion mitigation technique used on atmospherically exposed metals and selecting the appropriate material for concrete structures is more than just an aesthetic choice. Concrete coatings play a significant role in the durability of concrete structures and also provide aspects of enhanced waterproofing and corrosion mitigation.

The Concrete Coatings Conference will focus on how applications of coatings can improve performance of concrete and reinforcing steel. This conference aims to address concrete coatings on architectural and bridge structures where long term performance is a typical requirement and where corrosion resistance has been enhanced through the use of coatings.

May 15-16, 2014
China Petroleum Corporation
Chia Yi City, Taiwan

June 16-19, 2014
AmeriTAC 114
Denver, CO

June 17-19, 2014
Bring on the Heat 2014
Hosted at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Houston-Greenway Plaza, Houston Texas

The use of fireproofing, high-temperature, and other coatings to protect infrastructure in high-temperature facilities is becoming more widespread around

the world. The 2014 Bring on the Heat Conference is focused on providing an informative look into how these coatings are used and how they benefit different industries. This event will provide presentations, case studies, and forum discussions on the following topics:

Corrosion under insulation
Thermal insulation coatings
Thermal spray aluminum
Passive fire protection
Owner issues in the petrochemical area

The conference will bring together plant upper management, engineers, inspectors, and industrial coating professionals to exchange ideas and information.
This Event Will Help You:

Understand the high-temperature coatings needs of end-users
Increase your knowledge of how high-temperature and other protective coatings are used, applied, and inspected
Network with professionals engaged in similar actions for the coatings industry

August 4-7, 2014
International Water and Wastewater Infrastructure Management Conference
WWIM 2014 hosted at the Sonesta Hotel Philadelphia

Over 240,000 Water Main Breaks a Year is Far Too Many

There are nearly 170,000 public drinking water systems and between 700,000 and 800,000 miles of wastewater and storm water systems across the United States. Majority is nearing or has passed 100 years of service or their useful life. This is evident in some of the nation’s oldest cities like Philadelphia, New York, Boston, and other New England area cities.

NACE International has recognized this growing crisis and the importance of infrastructure preservation in the water and wastewater industry. To address this issue, NACE has created the International Water and Wastewater Infrastructure Management Conference (IWWIM) as a platform for knowledge exchange of asset sustainability through corrosion management. This event will discuss:

Economic cost and benefits of corrosion control
Methods of condition assessment
Methods of protection/design life optimization
Corrosion case studies

September 21-25, 2014
Corrosion Technology Week
Hosted at the Hilton Alexandria Mark Center, Alexandria, Virginia

Corrosion Technology Week (CTW) is the annual “work week” for members of NACE International technical committees. Sponsored by the Technical Coordination Committee, this event includes a series of meetings focused on methods of identifying, preventing, and combating corrosion problems impacting many industries.

Technical Information Exchanges enable committees to stay on the cutting edge of innovation and technology in the corrosion industry. These meetings also provide a forum for sharing information and solutions to corrosion challenges encountered around the world.

September 25-26, 2014
Shanghai, China

October 20-23, 2014
AmeriTAC 115
Columbus, OH

TNphoto Tatsuya Nakagawa
Tatsuya Nakagawa is the VP of Marketing and co-founder of Castagra Products, a storage tank and wastewater coatings manufacturing company that is highly acclaimed for its sustainable coatings, cold weather tank coating applications, and its durable frac tank coatings. Castagra is used by the world’s top oil and gas field services companies.