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Ecodur 201: Tank Farm Secondary Containment Liner Solution

A tank farm in Erie, Colorado, located a quarter of a mile from an elementary school, required some containment work that would normally have involved the heavy use of trucks. The tank farm company contracted a containment specialist company, Colorado Lining International (‘CLI’), from Parker, Colorado, which has been working in this field for over 30 years and has recently been applying Ecodur 201 to replace conventional epoxy coatings.

The proximity of the school meant the potential exposure to truck fumes, coating fumes, noise and dust, had to be kept to an absolute minimum. Conventional solutions for providing containment bases for tanks and the surrounding protective aprons normally involve heavy on-site grading work with many truck loads of gravel being brought in, combined with the installation of protective liners that use conventional adhesives.

CLI, with its experience in the use of Ecodur 201, realized that it would feasible to assemble protective tank pads off site and bring the sections in on site for final assembly, thus greatly minimizing truck journeys by eliminating the conventional gravel solution.

The two crucial elements to the synthetic pad solution were robust materials that complied with oil and gas relations. Ecodur 201 surpasses them in that it is VOC-free and non toxic.

The work was carried out in three phases:

A 20′ x 80′ piece of geotextile 8 oz. was laid out and sprayed with Ecodur 201 Spray Liner . After it completely dried it was rolled and delivered to the site. It was laid out on a properly prepared sub grade.
Four tank pads consisting of 4” thick Etha-Foam were spray coated with the same Ecodur 201 Spray Liner. The pads were completed and delivered to the site where they were placed over the previously mentioned 20′ x 80′ sprayed textile.
Construction of the perimeter metal walls, piping, access stairs and control features were finished and prepared for the final spray lining application.

The balance of the containment area was sprayed with Ecodur 201 Spray Liner to bond all elements into the existing under–pad lining. Ecodur has the unique ability to be re-sprayed onto existing Ecodur-sprayed liner at a later date without any preparation other than cleaning off residual dirt and mud.

Application Results

By using geosynthetic materials for this tank farm, the client eliminated the 12 truckloads of gravel that would normally be required for tank pads. Colorado Lining was able to design and execute a custom secondary containment liner solution that was efficiently installed and cost effective, and kept the potential for disturbance to the surrounding area to an absolute minimum.

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