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Another Tank Manufacturer Takes Advantage of Quick Curing Ecodur to Save on Expansion Costs


Five years ago, few insiders could have envisioned the enormous impact of shale gas and oil development in the US. Now that it is all in high gear, the benefits are percolating even wider through state economies and ultimately to the national one as the benefits, particularly of cheap natural gas, feed the industrial engine.

Surprisingly, though a boon in business, particularly for tank OEMs, can cause some headaches because, quite simply, their finished products when coated in conventional epoxies need shelter and time to cure. One such firm in Utah wanted very much to increase throughput but felt stymied by the expense of putting a roof over the extra production while the coatings cured away from the sun, rain and condensation.

As it happened, the company had been searching for a better coating that met more of the demands for one that did not require solvents in the content, application, or cleanup. Their business had been seeing an increase from responsible customers wanting to make sure that all industrial liquids were safely stored to minimize potential hazards such as leakage, spillage, and fume exposure for workers.

They tried out Ecodur 201S, which does not contain any solvents, does not require any in the application or clean up. Being VOC-free, BPA-free too, the OEM was pleased that it was readily sprayable in a very wide range of temperatures with a virtual absence of odor.
The spray crew had to wear the standard eye, skin, and breathing protective gear, but workers in the vicinity were free to carry on normal duties.

Application Results
The coatings, the firm noted, set up within 30-60 minutes as predicted and was ‘tackiness free’. It meant that a newly sprayed tank could then be transported out of the spray shop to open ground for the final period of the cure, which is 24 hours.

Furthermore, in clement conditions, tanks could be sprayed out of doors and allowed to remain there until eventual transportation to the client.

Rigorous inspection and evaluation of the cured coatings showed that they had adhered as claimed and retained a degree of flexibility quite unlike conventional epoxy coatings, which are rapidly subject to micro-cracking under temperature fluctuations which cause the metal to expand and contract.

With nearly a quarter century pedigree of extreme condition usage, the tank OEM felt confident that there was now a clear solution to their production expansion problem, which was not the case had they stayed with conventional epoxy coatings.

Production has been allowed to expand at no cost for building construction, as it is not required due to Ecodur’s outstanding cure time and durability performance. This means that between ‘tackiness free’ time to final cure time, it is not vulnerable to UV, or anything else the elements can throw at the tanks.

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