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Different Ways Water is Transported

When you think of the different ways water gets transported, you might think of the obvious ones like pipelines, canals, infrastructure, delivery trucks, collapsible water jugs, and water bottles. But some of the unconventional transportation methods are pretty awesome, too. Check below for some of the methods you may not have thought of. Waterskin Bags [...]

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Hidden Water in Everyday Products

Did you know we use an epic 3,496 liters of water per day? 92% of the water we use is not seen as it is used to produce the food we eat. Check out our guide below to find out how much water is used in everyday products.   Information from National Geographic   1 [...]

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Water Tower Construction Drone Flyover

Nice video taken by Propellerheads Photography and shared by Caldwell Tank   Tatsuya Nakagawa Tatsuya Nakagawa is the VP of Marketing and co-founder of Castagra Products, a storage tank and wastewater coatings manufacturing company that is highly acclaimed for its sustainable coatings and cold weather coating applications. Castagra products are NSF-61 certified and are used [...]

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Measuring Drug Use Patterns Through Wastewater Analysis

The war on drugs is a campaign that has brought in policies in hopes to deter and discourage the production, distribution, and consumption of illegal narcotics or even prescription drugs. It’s a never-ending battle for the people who are trying to help. But sometimes anonymous drug surveys don’t portray an accurate or honest picture. So [...]

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Vintage Water and Wastewater Images

Water Towers   Title: Water Tower and Radio City, New York American photographer, Alfred Stieglitz photographed this water tower in New York during his 50-year career turning photography into art. He was an artist with a camera and never sold any of his photos.   source   Title: Water Tower, Historic Des Moines, Washington Over [...]

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