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Veggie Plastic Protective Coatings Company in Oil and Gas Industries Reveals ‘D.I.Y Recipe’

RENO- NEVADA – Castagra, the world leader in veggie plastic, non-toxic coatings for heavy industrial use such as acid tank protection, announced today it will be facilitating a do-it-yourself (DIY) coating product formulation that closely matches its leading product for testing purposes within the oil and gas industries. Castagra has now ‘open sourced’ the formula [...]

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Riveted Storage Tanks Deserving a New Lease on Life with Veggie Plastic

source Most of us have probably gazed at an old metal bridge especially, or an old oil tank, and admired the neat rows of rivets providing so much strength and integrity for these structures. The history of riveting dates back close to 5,000 years to the Bronze Age when they were used as a joining [...]

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Castagra Ecodur 201: Coating Baker Corp Tanks

Mud tanks are typically made of steel and handle drilling mud, which is cycled to allow sand, rocks and sediments to settle out, so the mud can be re-used or disposed of. They are a totally vital part of oil drilling operations and have to be as tough as the environment they are in and [...]

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Foods With the Lowest Water Footprint

We had a fantastic response to our post about hidden water in everyday products, which led many of you to ask the important question: Which foods have the lowest water footprint?   The answer: Vegetables and fruit.   There was a reason we were told to eat our vegetables and fruit as children. Not only [...]

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3 Impressive Industrial Coating Projects

The world’s most iconic landmarks are iconic for a reason. They are amazing feats of artistic talent and design that made the world stop and take notice. But we often don’t think about how each of these landmarks stay maintained to continue to look the way they look as each year passes. So read below [...]

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Major Corrosion and Industrial Coating Events 2014

April 23-25 Pipeline Integrity Management Seminar Held at the Marriott Mexico City Reforma Hotel, Mexico City, Mexico Increase Safety/Reduce Incidents/Logistics Economics Pipeline integrity management (PIM) is a vital aspect of engineering that focuses on implementation of efficient and optimal preventative actions to detect and mitigate risk. Smart PIM results in increased safety, environmental protection, reliable [...]

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Tank Storage Professionals: What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

We created this “The Best Storage Tank Maintenance Advice You’ve Ever Received” article a while back and wanted to follow it up with an article focused on general professional advice. We asked our contacts in the LinkedIn storage tanks groups and this is the feedback we got. Do you have anything that you would like [...]

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Inspiring and Educational Videos About Water & Wastewater

1. Will it Flush? There are some risky flushers out there who will try and flush anything down a toilet. Tracy Stevens a pre-treatment technician tests what is and what isn’t flushable.     2. Wally’s Wastewater Treatment Plant A young child, by the name of Wally, built a wastewater treatment plant out of LEGO. [...]

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Flexibility is Key When Selecting a Tank Trailer Coating

Tank Trailer’s carry many corrosive products such as petroleum, chemicals and crude oil. As you can see in the video below, tank trailers are subjected to abuse and need to withstand many bumps and bruises. If you use a hard coating such as epoxy for your tank trailer, chances are that the coating will crack [...]

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When your tank is feeling crappy….

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