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Top Health & Safety Considerations for Industrial Coatings

With so many different coatings on the market, made from a variety of ingredients, safety and health procedures are an extremely important issue. It can be confusing to know what’s considered safe and what isn’t, especially when you’re on the job site that requires tight deadlines. But one simple rule to abide by is to [...]

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Repurposing Sewer Pipes and Wastewater Structures

Sewer pipes do more than just hold and collect raw sewage. They also house people, make great wine and shoe racks, and an interactive museum. If you don’t believe me, scroll down for some interesting and wonderful things sewer pipes get used as.   Turtles These are playground turtles made from recycled sewer pipes in [...]

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Oil & Gas Commercials Through the Years

Oil and gas commercials aren’t a new thing. But in an industry that is known to be very business-minded and conservative, there has been a steady rise in the number of commercials seen on mainstream television or YouTube. Stephen Peterson, who has a 30-year career in the drilling field, recently published an insightful post on [...]

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Castagra Ecodur 201: Coating 400 BBL welded steel tanks for Apache

Oil storage tanks in the 400-barrel range have been commonplace for decades in the oil patches of Texas and Oklahoma. Many have performed well but with the exposure to sourer crudes and acidic contents the erosion rates have sped up. Acidic water immediately attacks vulnerable steel where the original epoxy coatings have failed through a [...]

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2014 Global Storage Tank Projects

Here are some of the most recent developments in storage tank projects around the world.   New GrainCorp storage facilities, Australia   GrainCorp is spending $70 million on three bulk liquid storage facilities at port terminals in Western Australia, Queensland and New South Wales. The tanks will provide a total capacity of 65,000 cubic meters [...]

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Simple Ideas Make a Big Difference: Water Conservation Solutions

Water is precious. It keeps us hydrated and flushes out toxins from our body. And as populations increase – along with higher living standards – water usage actually increases. Researches have found that since 1900, the United States saw the population growth double, but water usage increased by six-folds. A water shortage is a very [...]

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5 educational videos that will teach you about corrosion

Here are some useful corrosion videos: Corrosion of Metals | The Chemistry Journey | The Fuse School Corrosion Microcell Corrosion and rust – Science (7th and 8th grade) Hirox 3D digital microscopy: inspection of corrosion with panoramic Corrosion Chemistry War on Corrosion (Bay Bridge)

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Fun Corrosion Logos [Parody]

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The Red Hill Underground Fuel Storage Facility

Between the years 1940 to 1943, the Red Hill Underground Fuel Storage Facility was constructed. It was designed to transport fuel for the American Navy forces during the second half of Word War ll because above ground storage was prone to enemy attacks. The original plan was to bury four fuel containers horizontally in a [...]

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The 6 tight oil and shale gas plays

This has been a successful year for the US as it is becoming the world’s largest oil and gas producer. According to the International Energy Agency the US’s shale boom will help it speed past Saudi Arabia and Russia to become the world’s top oil producer in 2015. This large development could lead to the [...]

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