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Case Study: Cayman Grill

  Cayman Grill, a new waterfront restaurant in Orange Beach, Alabama has a large open dining area that boasts oceanfront views. And for the viewing pleasure of its guests, there is a 21,500 gallon tank filled with cownose rays. But the problem was finding the proper coating that would not only waterproof and seal the [...]

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Different Types of Manways

There are many different types of openings that serve as manways. They are all designed differently for different purposes. For example, round opening covers may not always be the best shape because it will not fit through the opening. Therefore, oval openings are preferred because they can be turned sideways to fit through openings. Below [...]

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Sustainability in Oil & Gas Production & Exploration: Global Gas Flaring Reduction Partnership

Many oil companies use a common practice known as gas flaring. Gas flaring is the combustion of gases over relatively short periods to burn off gases released during oil production. Each year, billions of dollars’ worth of natural gas goes up in smoke while leaving negative environmental impacts in its wake, in addition to health [...]

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