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Fun Facts About Oil & Gas

So you’re in the oil and gas industry, eh? How much do you really know? Below is a list of some cool oil and gas facts that you may, or may not know. If you know of any others, email us at and we’ll add them to the list.
Did you know . . .
1. Natural gas is used to chill the glycol used to produce ice for ice hockey and skating rinks.
2. During cold weather months, some NFL teams use tubes heated with natural gas to warm the fields. This allows the turf to grow in the winter.
3. To conserve art, fabrics, and other historic documents, museums use natural gas-fueled equipment to maintain proper humidity.
4. In Las Vegas, a volcano erupts in front of the MGM Mirage Hotel every hour on the hour at night. It’s fueled by pina colada-scented natural gas.
5. In 200 B.C., people in China used natural gas to make salt.
6. What’s lighter than air? Natural gas.
7. Fossilized organic material like plants and animals can make crude oil.
8.Oil can often be found in cosmetics, medicine, paint, lubricants, fuel, clothes, fertilizers, plastic bottles, pens, and so much more.

TNphoto Tatsuya Nakagawa
Tatsuya Nakagawa is the VP of Marketing and co-founder of Castagra Products, a storage tank and wastewater coatings manufacturing company that is highly acclaimed for its sustainable coatings, cold weather tank coating applications, and its durable frac tank coatings. Castagra is used by the world’s top oil and gas field services companies.