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Ecodur 201M Case Study: Kern County

Kern County in California is highly organized when it comes to protecting the public against dangerous animals, including dogs and the threat of rabies. It is the third largest county in the state of California and covers 8,172 square miles. Kern County Animal Control (KCAC) serves the unincorporated areas of the county, which includes the unincorporated municipalities of Frazier Park, Lamont, Mojave, Oildale, and Rosamond. KCAC provides all or partial animal control services and shelter services to the cities of Arvin, Bakersfield, and Tehachapi through contractual agreements.
Kern County is no different than any other urbanized area of the US that has too many unwanted animals, especially dogs. The ever-present risk of rabies in dogs and its potential threat to human life led to compulsory rabies vaccinations for dogs prior to registration. Aside from the disease risk, some animals require control because they have become vicious. KCAC has two shelters that have to be maintained as robust and hygienic buildings. Constant cleaning is very tough on conventional floor coatings so the requirement standards were very high, including a chip finish.
RLK Coatings used Castagra’s Ecodur 201M to carry out an extensive coating operation of the main shelter in two buildings spanning over more than 12,000 square feet. Ecodur 201M can be manually applied and is a natural product made of gypsum and castor oil with no VOCs and does not contain, or require, any solvents even in the post-coating clean-up phase.
This is a very important quality to note, as there are no health risks to shelter workers before, during, and after the coating application. This advantage also extends to the animals housed in these shelters, as there is no off gassing. In fact Ecodur 201M only gives off harmless water vapor when it is heated and it has a Class A fire rating and an ANSI/NSF 61 potable water rating for humans.
The naturally retained elasticity, insulation and non-toxic properties found in Ecodur 201M also mean it is ideal for animals that spend a lot of time lying down. Dogs are a great example of this since they are often on the floor licking everything in sight.
Application Results
Fifty-five 5-gallon buckets of Ecodur 201M were manually applied with chips. Optimum application period was approximately 15-20 minutes. Some variations in the gray colorizing of some buckets was experienced using an iron oxide. Typically the product is applied without colorizing with one exception being some customers requiring a black color for their large oil tanks.
Final inspection showed excellent coating integrity. Should any mechanical damage occur at a future date, Ecodur 201 uniquely re-bonds to itself for an indefinite period, subject to proper surface preparation.
Applicators found that using 1/16th inch notched trowels and applying the coating like a ‘floor glue’ worked best in terms of what tool was most suitable. They wore standard eye, breathing and hand protection and disposable coveralls. No independent air supply was required in the confined spaces, as Ecodur does not emit harmful gases. However, it should always be noted that the product prior to curing could be extremely harmful if it were to come in contact with the eyes or lungs, hence the mandatory safety equipment and procedures for applicators.
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