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Case Study: Caribe Resort

Caribe_Lazy River
On the Alabama Gulf Coast, Caribe Resorts is located on 30 pristine acres. They offer luxury condos facing water front scenery. Their impressive list of amenities include: tennis courts, saunas, game rooms, over 40,000 sq. feet of pools, and of course, the Lazy River.
But the problem stems from the Lazy River being clad in all stainless steel, which makes it very smooth and slippery under water. A coating needed to be used at the entrance that would bind to stainless steel when submerged in moving, chlorinated salt water. In addition to heavy foot traffic, another challenge Caribe Resort faced was daily afternoon thunderstorms. There was no protection from the weather for the coating to quickly cure. The coating for the Lazy River also had to be vapor and odor free as much as possible because of its close proximity to other pools and condos.
Castagra Ecodur 201 was chosen as the coating to combat Caribe’s problem. Ecodur 201 binds with stainless steel effortlessly and requires very little prep work. Ecodur is typically applied to clean, dry, prepped surfaces at a temperature that is at minimum, four degrees Fahrenheit above the dew point. Other advantages Ecodur has is that it can be submerged in chlorinated salt water, and does not become slippery when wet.
In three hours, the application process was complete. An hour and a half later, the first afternoon downpour occurred. Fortunately, Ecodur cures very fast, and within 10 minutes of spraying, the surface was good enough to walk on and take in water.
And because Ecodur is VOC-free and odorless, guests using amenities nearby were not disturbed.
There are also zero solvents contained in Ecodur coatings, nor is it used in its application process or clean-up procedure.
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