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Strange and Unexpected Things Found in Sewers

Our toilets and sewers are not garbage cans. Yes, they can make things disappear in a flash. But they’re built to support a complicated infrastructure that requires communities to have common sense to never dispose of diapers, syringes, batteries, or even toys down the toilet or sewers. The obvious reason is that these items clog [...]

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Yes, that’s Ecodur!

Our applicator Kymax doing a floor coating application with Ecodur. It looks great!

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Can You Spot The Real Water and Wastewater Images?

We did a similar post in the past and received good feedback on it. So we decided to do another one, but with water and wastewater images. The game is really simple. Look at each picture and make a note as to which is real and which is fake. Some are more obvious than others. [...]

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Three Risky Storage Tank Jobs

Storage tanks, both above ground and underground, are containers that store an amazing amount of liquid. They look very innocent on the outside, but they need consistent maintenance and repairs, and proper assessment to function properly. Working in the tank industry is never without its risks. It takes a strong team to battle confined spaces, [...]

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5 Ways to Stop Software Hacking in the Oil and Gas Industry

My friend recently received an email at work from UPS alerting him that his package was ready for pick up and to click on a link to confirm the package. He was having a busy day at the office so he scanned the email quickly and was about to click on the link. Luckily he [...]

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Top US Water and Wastewater Disasters

The water and wastewater industry is like that quiet relative who projects a silent confidence. The presence feels strong. Not much is known about this presence, but it’s always there to keep communities happy and healthy. But there are moments when mistakes like human error or financial issues occur and can cause an assortment of [...]

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Presenting at The Bakken – Three Forks Shale Oil Innovation Conference & Expo

We will have a booth (#917) at The Bakken – Three Forks Shale Oil Innovation Conference & Expo from Feb 10-12, 2014. Our VP of Sales Matt Cullen will also be moderating a panel titled “Storage Wars: Inside the Business of Storage and Disposal (below). Hope to see you there. Feb 11 – 3:30 pm [...]

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Coolest Oil and Gas Industry Vehicles

In today’s modern and technology-driven world, it’s no surprise that we have a great reliance on resources such as oil and gas to power our cars and heat our homes. But how are those resources processed and transported from often harsh and hazardous environments? Luckily that same technology has created some amazing machines to help [...]

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Three Toughest Water and Wastewater Jobs

For those of us who aren’t in the water and wastewater industry, we can form our own ideas as to what goes on behind the scenes. But people who work in this industry provide one of the most underrated, yet valuable services that is a essential to life 24 hours a day, seven days a [...]

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Ecodur 201M Case Study: Kern County

Kern County in California is highly organized when it comes to protecting the public against dangerous animals, including dogs and the threat of rabies. It is the third largest county in the state of California and covers 8,172 square miles. Kern County Animal Control (KCAC) serves the unincorporated areas of the county, which includes the [...]

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