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World’s Largest Floating Liquefied Natural Gas Vessel

Prelude Vessel Float Launch
Built in Geoje, South Korea, by the world’s best engineers, Shell’s Prelude will be processing natural gas off of the coast of Australia, Shell’s first site. The Prelude is the world’s largest floating vessel ever. When compared to some of the world’s tallest standing structures, the 488-meter vessel is longer than the Empire State Building in New York, which stands at a diminutive 381 meters tall, or even the Sears Tower in Chicago, which is still short at 442 meters.
The Prelude will take in about 110,000 barrels of oil per day in natural gas and chilled to about -260 F (-162 C), thus turning it into liquid and condensing its volume by 600 times. Once this process happens, the liquefied natural gas is transport for use.
Having the production moved out to sea is considered a major innovation. But because a traditional facility wasn’t built on land, the environment avoids any damages associated with the construction of said plant.
The Prelude was designed to be compact to save space. The actual operations of the plant will be placed above the liquefied natural gas storage tanks.
Gas production is said to start in 2017.
Prelude Vessel Leaving Hull
Here’s the video of Royal Dutch Shell’s Prelude in motion:


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