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Important Water & Wastewater 2014 Events

The year is almost over. You’re relaxed and reflecting on the year 2013. What a busy year it was. And with 2014 just around the corner, you know the water and wastewater industry won’t be slowing down. Here are some notable events for the upcoming new year. Mark them on your calendar. If you have [...]

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What Do Field Erected Welded Steel Tanks Do?

Guest Blogger: Lori Riddle, Fisher Tank Company     Field erected welded steel tanks are everywhere. If you drive around your community and see a very large tank that’s sitting by itself, on a concrete foundation, chances are you’re looking at a welded steel water storage tank. If you’re near a port city and you [...]

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World’s Largest Floating Liquefied Natural Gas Vessel

  Built in Geoje, South Korea, by the world’s best engineers, Shell’s Prelude will be processing natural gas off of the coast of Australia, Shell’s first site. The Prelude is the world’s largest floating vessel ever. When compared to some of the world’s tallest standing structures, the 488-meter vessel is longer than the Empire State [...]

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SCADA Security: How Water and Wastewater Facilities Can Protect Against Cyber Attacks

Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems are extensive control systems that perform behind-the-scenes collecting sensor measurements and operational data, process the information, and relay control commands to equipment. SCADA systems control vital infrastructure around the work, and as such, are vulnerable to online threats from those who want to acquire confidential data or disrupt [...]

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Water Storage Tanks Light Up For The Holidays

The holidays are just around the corner. Here are some holiday themed storage tank photos for inspiration.     Michael Connell takes great time-exposure photos. And this one of the water tower in dowtown Round Rock, Texas is no exception. The lights hanging off the tower make it quite visible from a distance.     [...]

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Pittsburg Tank and Ecodur 201M Manual Tank Coating

  An overflow steam tank at a hardwood flooring plant in Warren, Arkansas, was failing due to corrosion that had eaten away to the point where holes were causing leaks onto the plant floor.   The leakage was rapidly getting to the point where there was an urgent need to shut it down and carry [...]

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Giving Back: Water & Wastewater Edition

Here are some top players in the water and wastewater industry being charitable year-round.   American Water   In addition to providing communities with fresh drinking water daily, American Water and its employees also participate in local programs and communities around the world. They have partnered with United Way and Water For People to aid [...]

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Low Impact Development Case Study Project

The home construction industry in North America is progressively becoming more enlightened about the overall benefits of Low Impact Development techniques (LID), particularly where heavy rainfalls can impact significantly on land that is not well protected by natural or regenerated vegetation.   For instance, new subdivisions in semi-arid areas with very delicate and thin vegetation [...]

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Giving Back: Oil & Gas Edition

In-between discovering innovative ways to deliver petroleum energy, or new advancement in technologies, some of the world’s biggest oil and gas players invest equal amounts of time into their charitable deeds. Below is a list of what some of these companies do.   BP   As a global powerhouse, BP has taken a proactive approach [...]

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Community-Focused Water and Wastewater Practices

Below are three effective ways to keep a water and wastewater facility in residential areas safe, odor-free, and environmentally friendly.   Embrace Sustainability   There are many sustainable options in wastewater and stormwater treatment, whereby a facility can repurpose the treated water for flushing toilets, landscape irrigation, and water features.   Stormwater in particular can [...]

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