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Sustainability in Oil & Gas Production; Exploration: Corporate Responsibility

The oil and gas industry is expanding – and it’s not just simply getting bigger – it’s getting more technologically advanced, and with today’s new technologies, oil and gas companies are more exposed to public critique, as technology is forcing big companies to be more transparent with both their technologies and business practices. Not only [...]

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Scary Water and Wastewater Facts

Happy Halloween! In celebration of this month’s ghoulish holiday, let’s take a look at something a little spooky: scary water and wastewater facts! Can you feel your hair standing on end in antici… pation? While water and wastewater doesn’t necessary create the freakiest industry, there are definitely some related facts that could put a person [...]

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The Great Storage Tank Pumpkin: Smilin’ Jack

It’s that time of year, when the goblins and ghouls are at large – and we wait all night for the annual Great Pumpkin sighting! Especially at Valero Wilmington Refinery, where the company continues their decades-long tradition of transforming a pumpkin-shaped, 3-million gallon storage tank into the world’s largest Jack-o-lantern.   Since 1952, the Wilmington-based [...]

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Castagra Ecodur 201: Coating Project at Concrete Plant

A leading New England concrete pumping and delivery company, Coleman Concrete, with more than 60 years’ experience, meets all kinds of challenges on a daily basis, but handles them relatively easily because they’ve been seen before and dealt with. Problem But, on this occasion, a 4,000 gallon hot water tank was situated underground at the [...]

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Sustainability in Oil & Gas Production; Exploration: Voluntary Sustainability Reporting

As oil and gas production and exploration continues to be a priority, oil and gas companies and agencies are implementing regulations to help enhance the sustainability of the industry. While oil and gas production and exploration is not necessarily by nature the most sustainable practice in the world, the practices that the industry employs can [...]

5 sales articles that will help you grow your storage tank business

The storage tank marketing article had a good response so I decided to create a sales article. What’s your favourite sale article? Send me a link and I would be happy to share it – marketing @ castagra dot com. Castagra CEO in photo above. 1. The Science of Persuasion: How To Get People to [...]

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You Love the Water and Wastewater Industry Too Much If…

1. You’re obsessed with predicting how many water main breaks there have been at any given moment using the Water Main Break Clock. Corrosion is not sustainable!     2. When a gate valve fails, you send pictures of the water drama to everyone you know.     3. You get way too excited about [...]

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You Love the Corrosion Industry Too Much If…

(Updated Dec 2, 2015)   1. You disagree with this statement: “More boring than watching paint dry”   2. You have nightmares about bad surface prep.   3. You can’t go 2 minutes without referring to one of the following acronyms: ASME, ANSI, ASTM, AWS, NACE, ASIC, SSPC, API   4. You can’t look at [...]

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Tank Coating photos from Vernal Utah

Photos sent in from our applicator.

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10 Useful Corrosion Apps

1. SSPC Mobile App   Company Website:   Google Play   iTunes Store   SSPC teamed up with Victory Enterprises to create the ultimate SSPC Mobile App. It is designed to give members on iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Android-powered devices access to the most useful on-the-go information. The primary features of the app allow [...]

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