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IHS Reports Evolving Manufacturing Renaissance in the Oil & Gas Industry

Global information company IHS recently released a new study, entitled America’s New Energy Future: The Unconventional Oil and Gas Revolution and the Economy – Volume 3: A Manufacturing Renaissance. In 2012, disposable income increased by an average of $1,200 per US household in the form of lower energy bills and lower costs for all other [...]

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Ancient Waterworks

Some of the earliest records of waterworks technology date back to 5000 BC. These ancient systems were introduced because Egypt and Babylonia required irrigation. As a result, systems of dams and canals were built to catch floodwater from the Euphrates and the Nile rivers. These systems controlled floods and provided irrigation water throughout the dry [...]

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30 Cool Storage Tank Logos

Here are some cool logos that incorporate storage tanks. What is your favorite? Any other suggestions? 1. US Environmental Protection Agency The following are operation and maintenance logos used to promote good underground storage tank operation and maintenance:     2. CorGal Water Tanks CorGals are used for water or liquid storage. CORGAL [...]

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5 Cool Storage Tank Videos

Industrial Fire Brigades: Tank Hazard Control from Action Training Systems Oil and gas storage tanks create the potential for extremely hazardous fires, spills and releases, which industrial fire brigades may be called to mitigate: Welding on a Fuel Tank Don’t try this at home! How to weld on a fuel tank: Crude Oil Floating Roof [...]

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5 Fascinating Oil & Gas Videos

Let’s take a look at five fascinating oil and gas videos! Any suggestions? Oil and Gas Wells–Start to Finish The California Department of Conservation presents this video on how oil and gas wells are drilled, produced, and abandoned. Surface and subsurface environmental concerns are described, including the protection of fresh waters and drilling in urban [...]

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Top Five Interesting Water and Wastewater Videos

Let’s take a look at some fascinating water and wastewater videos! Any suggestions? 1. Waste Water Treatment Made Simple An overview of how wastewater is treated, flushing to clarifying and discharging into rivers: 2. Sewer Diving in Mexico Carlos is the man who swims through human excrement, toxic waste, and rotting cadavers to keep Mexico [...]

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