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10 Top Oil & Gas Blogs


Let’s take a look at 10 top oil and gas blogs, imparting the most interesting information about the oil and gas industry:

1. The Oil & Gas Blogger:

The Oil & Gas Blogger provides both oil and gas professionals and the general public with regular updates concerning world energy and oil and gas related topics in a concise way that is quickly and easily understood by anyone. Daily topics are carefully selected and written in an easy to understand manner.

2. The Oil Drum – Discussions About Energy and Our Future:

The Oil Drum provides topics open for discussion on oil, gas, and energy related issues where they can be debated in a civil manner. Encouragement of evidence-based reasoning, logical arguments, and thought provoking exchanges of information are used to host in-depth discussions and breadth absent from the traditional media or current political discourse.

3. Oil & Gas Technology:

This blog on oil and gas technology organizes their posts by popularity, providing you the best and and most topical information that the site publishes.

4. Resource Insights – Environmental and Natural Resource News:
Resource Insights focuses on recent energy and environment news, collected independently by Kurt Cobb. Kurt Cobb has been featured on Energy Bulletin, The Oil Drum,, Econ Matters, Peak Oil Review, 321energy, Common Dreams, Le Monde Diplomatique, and many other sites.

5. Platts, The Barrel – the Essential Perspective on Global Energy:

Since 1909, Platts has been a leading global provider of energy, petrochemicals, metals and agriculture information. Platts provides sound information and insights to industry leaders and the general public.

6. World Oil & Gas:

World Oil and Gas provides global news from around the world from well-known industry leaders to what energy companies do on an hourly basis. World Oil and Gas provides excellent and attractive presentations on a variety of oil and gas subjects.

7. Oil & Gas Investments Bulletin:

This blog was started for retail investors to easily find which oil and gas companies were creating huge shareholder wealth by using exciting new technologies, such as horizontal drilling, fracing, and 3D seismic.

8. Fuel Fix:

Fuel Fix has positioned themselves as Houston’s daily must-read source for news and analysis on the oil, gas, and energy business. Frequently updated and very informative, this blog covers a lot of territory.

9. Oil & Gas IQ:

Oil & Gas IQ provides a portal to the latest oil and gas intelligence, exploring industry developments and facilitating the continued learning of oil and gas professionals. Through their blog and website, Oil & Gas IQ provides oil and gas events, seminar presentations, oil news, gas news, articles, podcasts, Q&As, and more.

10. Exprodat:

Exprodat provides GIS and information management solutions to the upstream oil and gas industry, blending GIS, IT, geoscience, and oil and gas industry expertise. They specialize in improving upstream petroleum E&P processes by helping oil and gas industry companies apply GIS technology.

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Tatsuya Nakagawa is the VP of Marketing and co-founder of Castagra Products, a storage tank and wastewater coatings manufacturing company that is highly acclaimed for its sustainable coatings, cold weather tank coating applications, and its durable frac tank coatings. Castagra is used by the world’s top oil and gas field services companies.