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Ecodur 201: Wesco Operating 400 BBL Tank Coating Job Pics (photos from Greg G)


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Ancient Waterworks

Some of the earliest records of waterworks technology date back to 5000 BC. These ancient systems were introduced because Egypt and Babylonia required irrigation. As a result, systems of dams and canals were built to catch floodwater from the Euphrates and the Nile rivers. These systems controlled floods and provided irrigation water throughout the dry [...]

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Top Five Interesting Water and Wastewater Videos

Let’s take a look at some fascinating water and wastewater videos! Any suggestions? 1. Waste Water Treatment Made Simple An overview of how wastewater is treated, flushing to clarifying and discharging into rivers: 2. Sewer Diving in Mexico Carlos is the man who swims through human excrement, toxic waste, and rotting cadavers to keep Mexico [...]

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