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Applicator coating manholes with Ecodur 201SF

Manholes are an essential part of any municipal drainage system. Manhole covers date back at least to ancient Rome when they were square and made of stone. There are more than 20 million manholes in the US of which 4 million are over 50 years old and 5 million aged 30-50 years. When in good [...]

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Five Fascinating Oil and Gas Industry Statistics

Global Demand for Energy to Grow 35% in Less than 25 Years The International Energy Agency reported in their World Energy Outlook 2012 publication regarding their New Policies Scenario, that global demand for energy is expected to rise 35% by 2035, as economies in both developed and emerging countries continue to grow, and the standard [...]

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Has New Energy Innovation Stalled?

Large investors of what we know today as “clean technology” had one solid goal almost a decade back: back companies that would help in diminishing the world’s dependency on factors that are significantly dangerous to the environment, i.e., oil, natural gas, and coal. Apparently this wasn’t an easy goal to achieve as proven by the [...]

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Storage Tank Divers

Certified commercial divers can inspect and repair storage tanks without draining them or taking them out of service. These new methods are designed to eliminate or minimize storage tank outages while extending maintenance intervals. SCUBA certification alone is not sufficient for this type of work, as the diver will need education in confined space entry [...]

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Ecodur 201 Case Study: Manual tank bottom coatings for oil and gas

A large oil and gas company, operating in Vernal, Utah, had a series of 400 bbl oil storage tanks of varying ages needing new protective coatings as cheaply and robust as possible. They had been coated in conventional epoxies which, having very limited flexibility, had inevitably resulted in micro-cracking, particularly in such a climate-extreme state [...]

20 Creative Manhole Covers

Microsoft is famous for their interview question, “why are manhole covers typically round?” While the question is asked to potential employees to discover their method of creative problem solving and ability to think on their feet, it’s true that manhole covers are typically round – for several reasons, including the fact that a round manhole [...]

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New Technologies and Trends in the Oil & Gas Industry

With focus on data, the environment, and safety, the following is a collection of technologies and trends being used in the oil and gas industry today. Wave Glider Liquid Robotics created the Wave Glider, which is a marine robot that collects high-value ocean data in research, defense, and oil and gas exploration. It’s a versatile [...]

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How Secure is Your Storage Tank?

Storage tank security is a major concern, not only within the oil and gas industry, but also in the water industry. It is essential that storage tanks be protected from tampering, vandalism, and criminal behavior, as well as accidental harm to the storage tank facilities. Because tanks can contain many thousands of pounds worth of [...]

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Payson Pond Coating Project

An Arizona fish farm with its large, concrete lined pond had become a major tourist attraction for fishing aficionados and those who simply wanted a great family outing. More than 255,000 Arizona anglers send an estimated $831.5 million on equipment and trip-related expenditures annually. Problem The concrete pond had aged to the point where innumerable [...]

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Meet Your LinkedIn Moderator: Sanjiv Kumar Sharma, Sr. Mgr (Engg) at Indian Oil Corporation Limited

Being an effective moderator takes time and effort. They have to encourage good discussion and fend off spammy posts. I wanted to feature and thank Sanjiv Kumar Sharma who is the moderator for the Oil Storage Terminal Engineers LinkedIn Group. Tell us about your background? I belong to the state of Himachal Pradesh in India. [...]