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Mobile Apps for the Oil and Gas Industry

The following is a collection of mobile apps for the oil and gas industry.

Please note: we have not personally tested each of these applications, but we have chosen well-reviewed products to include in this list. Don’t see your favorite app? Comment with what we may have missed!

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RigData Mobile is an interactive map application that displays the location and status of all working oil & gas drilling rigs in the United States – now at your fingertips. The information is drawn from RigData’s ongoing survey of drilling contractors and oil & gas operating companies and is updated daily.



The information is used by sales and marketing staff, analysts and management of oil & gas companies, drilling contractors, energy service companies and financial service companies to monitor drilling activity for one rig or all rigs in an area. It is an essential tool for sales prospecting, trip routing with driving directions, viewing competitor’s activity and tracking rig availability and utilization.

Pick the regions you want, and select by key elements like operating company, spud (start) date, drilling contractor and rig. The immediate availability of timely and critical data displayed geographically fully exploits the strengths of the iPhone and Android platforms.

Oil & Gas Solutions, L.I. Studios

Oil & Gas Solutions, an app from L.I. Studios, is designed for those in the oil and gas industry to safely store and manage their information, quickly compute calculations and conversions, and easily manage notes and tallies.



It boasts time-saving features including automatic conversion calculators pre-loaded with drilling calculations, and well management that allows you to keep track of multiple wells and save information like casing, tubing, pumps, and notes. Google Play Store reviews are overly positive, emphasizing ease of use.

Scadavisor Mobile, Fielding Systems

Fielding Systems claims to have the most advanced mobile SCADA app in ScadaVisor Mobile – a remote SCADA monitoring and field automation app for the oil and gas industry. Based on ScadaVisor web, its predecessor, the mobile version offers detailed reporting including customizable reports and detailed trending graphs, using real-time production data.



This app allows personnel to manage their production operation from a smartphone from anywhere, including providing the ability to get notifications of new alarms in real-time, enable and disable alarms on devices, and review and configure alarm details as needed.

Fieldvisor, Tablet & Mobile, Fielding Systems

Another app from Fielding Systems, Fieldvisor is an offline-capable app with a user-friendly interface, that claims to be the most advanced mobile field data capture and field operations management app in the oil and gas industry.


FieldVisor Mobile and Tablet allow users at every level to manage oil and gas operations, on the run, from anywhere in the world, including field data capture like inputting and managing production data, landowner gas data, and oil/water ticks, as well as field operations management, including alarm notifications, well management, personnel management, and detailed reporting features.

Intelex’s Environmental, Health and Safety, and Quality Management

Intelex offers a library of apps that enable the capture, tracking, and reporting of essential data. Based on environmental, health and safety, and quality management, the suite of apps help organizations across industries improve performance, mitigate risk, and maintain compliance.



One of the attractive features of the Intelex products, is that they provide the platform for you to build your own app, directly related to your business.

WellEz Mobile from WellEz

WellEz Mobile is an app that provides instant access to drilling, completion, and workover reports in the drilling industry. 


This software allows you to view multiple wells with the swipe of your finger, check summary information like cost, mud weight, and operations breakdowns for every active well, and provides the first mobile reporting solution for wells, letting you manage your operations from anywhere.

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