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Coating Big Bolted Tanks in Texas

The original tank coating was a polyurea and failed in only a matter of months. This was a brand new, state of the art, 10,000 bbl tank operated in Texas.



Polyurea has very poor adhesion of about 50% compared to Castagra’s Ecodur’s of nearly 100%. This resulted in the acidic sour crude oil creeping in between the steel substrate and the coating, causing widespread peeling and then leaking.

The bolted tanks makes adhesion of polyurea-type coatings, very difficulty with the bumpy surface and their overall vulnerability of literally hundreds of points of intrusion into the basic metal structure by the bolts.


The hot Texas conditions would have posed a major issue for more sensitive conventional coatings. Ecodur was spray applied internally with 40-50 mils thickness on the tank bottom and up the sides to a height of three feet. It was touch dry within 30 minutes. The entire operation only took one day and the tank was warranted ready for use within 48 hours.



Application Results
Inspection and testing after full cure at the 24-hour mark showed total integrity of the Ecodur coating. Particular attention was paid to the hundreds of bolt heads and it was seen that perfect coverage had been obtained.

With Ecodur being VOC-free, only standard coverall and breathing protection was required with no separate air supply. What is noteworthy is the performance of Ecodur in such extreme heat conditions.

The coating has shown it can be successfully applied in severe cold and now it is demonstrating its versatility across almost the widest of temperatures ranges experienced in the oil and gas industry in North America.