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Applicator (AquaBlocx) completed coatings for National Foods Company.

AquaBlocX is a leading protective coatings company in Alabama, specializing in industrial and municipal projects. It has long sought to offer clients a competitively-priced VOC-free coating system that not only competed with conventional ones in terms of performance, but also had ‘green’ attributes. The company is now specializing in Castagra’s Ecodur for precisely those reasons and led to this successful project with part of a Major Foods company’s ice-making plant.

Ice-making falls under all the protective legislation that covers foodstuffs. In this instance, it was the mechanical room as well as the ice machine that needed a tough, protective coating that would not take days to cure. With a narrow weekend window of opportunity, any carry over into Monday would have resulted in a serious production interruption. It was vital too that the ice machine itself was coated with a product approved for use in contact with potable water.

Ecodur 201 has that certification – ANSI/NSF-61. The other consideration was there must be no noxious vapors that could linger and possibly contaminate the ice as the faintest hint of the taste being unusual can lead to serious issues with the public at large. Ecodur is free of solvents and Volatile Organic Compounds and is odorless once cured.


Castagra 201 has a fast cure time and is readily sprayed on vertical surfaces once they are dry. The weekend for the project was chosen. Surfaces to be coated with Ecodur can be extremely cold, but perfect dryness is the key to success.

It took many hours from close of production Friday for the walls of the mechanical room to stop sweating as their surface temperatures climbed close to ambient temperatures. Spraying started on the Saturday and included the ice machine itself which had experienced significant corrosion over time. The corrosion was removed and the machine was sprayed white Ecodur on the inside and grey Ecodur on the outside.


Application Results
The Ecodur 201 completed its scheduled rapid cure and final inspections and the plant was in full production on the Monday. AquaBlocX reported that the client had failed to initially notice that spraying was already half completed because, in spite of being in close proximity to the mechanical room, the manager had not noticed the fumes he had been expecting which would have triggered a decision to enter the spray site.

The manager immediately notified his maintenance and painting supervisors to see for themselves that the project was ‘fume-free’. AquaBlocX also stated that Ecodur had been the cheapest solution of all the coatings considered for this project.